1. Boldguy

    Streaming IPTV with EE supplier? uk

    Good evening can I ask is ee safe to use on OTHER streaming means ee use bt this is why I am asking as virmin and sly. Thank you
  2. N

    Changing zgemma h2h up grade

    Hi i have a zgemma h2h and a fire stick. Im looking to upgrade the zgemma. To something newer. Been waiting for the new zgemma h10 combo. But has been put on hold for to long and looking to change now. I know there is the h92h se or h7s. What else is there in around the same price and speck or...
  3. gosnis

    Stream to Zgemma from mobile, just like a chromecast?

    Hi, I basically want to use the Zgemma as a Chromecast in this instance. Does anyone know how to send a stream to a Zgemma, from a mobile, just like you do with a Chromecast?
  4. D

    Can E2 stream to E2 ?

    Hi found an old zgemma sat box (H2S) Wondered if its possible for me to stream my vu+ (Uno4k) to it ? I've done it through kodi via android tv boxes etc.. Didn't know if e2 devices are capable?
  5. M

    Stream URL capture

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right section for this or if this is possible but thought I’d find out. For my sins I am a Villa fan and have a subscription to the avtv streaming which if you have a VPN let’s you watch all league games that are not on tv in the UK. What I’m trying to do is...
  6. siilver

    Remote Channel Stream Convertor

    anyone tried it? tried it this morning for the first, wanted to up the channels on my old h2s, so i have the plugin set so it takes the bouquets from my h7 works perfect i have the channels form my h7 on my h2s, in the house you would need a couple tuners on the sever box