Remote Channel Stream Convertor


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anyone tried it?

tried it this morning for the first, wanted to up the channels on my old h2s, so i have the plugin set so it takes the bouquets from my h7

works perfect
i have the channels form my h7 on my h2s, in the house

you would need a couple tuners on the sever box


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i see once you have this setup and working
you can ftp in and export the xml files and edit them and you can mix in iptv easy enough too


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I use an edision twin sat in the shed to watch cable from my Formuler F1 thats in the house,
I just use fallback settings and channel importer though, not sure what you're using,
I can also record everything onto one 500G hdd on my F1 and watch that from any network device ,
all thanks to tutorials on here, :(y):


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if you have your iptv in bouquets
you can just copy them from one to another you just wont get the updating on them