1. B

    Viark stream from viark sat 4k ?

    its it possible to stream from viark sat 4k box to laptop, pad or other device
  2. Prim@l

    NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer Built-in Chromecast 4K Ultra - £104.99 @ Amazon About this item Fast, Really Fast: The latest advanced NVIDIA...
  3. Prim@l


    Thanks for the update @Joe516 Black Friday 2022 | I was hoping for a better deal on the cube. Expect retailers such as Currys, Argos, John Lewis will all follow: Google TV (4k) - £39.00...
  4. HiTecK

    Fury Vs Whyte IPTV streaming online FREE

    Who you got for tonight's fight? I'm predicting Tyson to knock Whyte out in the 8th round.
  5. D


    Can anyone tell me the best/cheapest way of accessing Netflix premium without paying the full price
  6. Prim@l

    Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming Device 16GB / Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Device 8 GB bargain

    Prime Day prices - don't think you will get it cheaper anywhere for for new?! Nvidia Shield TV PRO 4K Media Streaming Device - 16 GB £170.05 with code PROMOFIVE Nvidia Shield TV 4K Media Streaming Device - 8 GB - £122.55 with code PROMOFIVE Source: Nvidia Shield TV Pro 4K Media Streaming...
  7. cactikid

    music streaming query

    Query setting up new pc and sound blaster x3 i do the speaker test and sounds from all speakers + sub yet if i go to play from You tube i only get source from front 3 speakers and sub and only a hiss on rear speakers :mask: :mask: :mask: :coldsweat:. Plugged into old pc and its the same and...
  8. basejumper

    Perfect Player IPTV 1.5.5 latest version 20/11/19 v1.5.5

    The description of Perfect Player Description Perfect Player iptv apk is a video player that will allow you to enjoy your movies, TV series and streams on TVs, tablets and smartphones. The application contains no channels: you must add your own playlists in the settings. Note: To enjoy the best...
  9. HiTecK

    4 Months Amazon Music/Unlimited for £0.99 - limited time

    Limited time only: 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited for £0.99 Click banner for details -
  10. M

    Best cheap transcoding box

    I'm looking to buy a box purely for streaming to my android tv in another property, my android phone and potentially my brother's tv and phone as well, probably using dream Player and dream Player for tv, all over the internet. This will sit in my attic, directly connected to my router. From my...
  11. R

    IPTV Recording

    Hi, I'm running openblackhole on my vu+duo2. I am finding exteplayer3 to be very effective, problem being I want to recording iptv. I have read posts saying that it cannot record streams, is there a way I can set the default renderer for recording? I also have a zero box running wooshbuild...
  12. burnage

    Netflix downloads

    I have a paid account for Netflix and want to download to to my pc, i have tried various software packages and the best i can get is 2 minutes of the film or series, does any one know if there is a software package that will download a full movie ??
  13. 20181208_160615


  14. S

    Kodi Addons (movies)

    Hi need help on installing a good if not the best addon for movies i dont want any builds i currently have the maverick repo but not liking it, all suggestions greatly appreciated.
  15. benrobbo2710

    IPTV Arrests the start of more to come?

    Read some news articles today of more IPTV Arrests in the UK and Ireland, sky and BT seem to be stepping up their game. I know they are targeting big suppliers mainly but maybe it's time to look into a VPN router just to be extra safe for IPTV users. I personally have a Zgemma box on Xstream I...
  16. D

    NAS or PC Server ?

    I'm contemplating starting off my own home plex server. I'd also like to take use of HRTunerProxy on my VU+ and have the ability to stream live TV via my E2Box through my home server to any of my away from home devices. So the NAS or PC Server will need to be capable of transcoding (so I...
  17. grog68

    problems streaming from 1 box to another

    I have 2 enigma 2 boxes, box 1 in the living room has a 1tb hard drive where all recordings are stored, we only record on box 1, box 2 in the bedroom just has a usb stick for epg etc but also has a network mount pointing to the hdd on box 1 so we can go to bed and watch recordings made on box 1...
  18. H

    Streaming to Kodi from box with IPTV channels

    Hi, I have the Zgemma H2S box, and I want to stream the channels to a Kodi box upstairs with the VU+/enigma2 addon. The box has IPTV channels on it, with a paid subscription. It isn't receiving channels from the satellite receiver. The problem is, the addon scans all the channels and adds them...
  19. M

    Spotify / Netlix / Deezer accounts.

    Hi all, I am looking into the Spotify and Netflix etc reselling. I am looking for any information on how to resell or maybe how to do it myself? any advice would be very much appreciated. had a few offers at £15 for 12 months. *PS, I am not sure if I posted this is the right place but let me...
  20. W

    1080p 60fps

    When watching channels that are in 1080p 60fps I get alot of picture jumping. Is this because my box (Zgemma H.2S) is not powerful enough to process them? Why are channels streamed with such high frame rates?