1. axxxo

    Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas everyone. A very special hello to all the OG TK's, sincerely hope you are all well. Still always remember you. So good to see the site in such a well maintained condition. HT and all the the super mods doing a fantastic job as always, the commitment to providing people with a...
  2. T


    Hi friends, I have Private Internet Access as my VPN. I'm a real beginner at this tech stuff but was told I definitely needed a VPN. Although probably totally obvious, my question is:- Does the VPN still work if my PC is turned off?
  3. F

    Remote code needed

    Hi. I have a techno mate nano SE m2 Plus and the remote is horrible. I've already had it replaced once but the OK button has stopped working on two remotes now. I have a universal remote so I need a code. Does anybody know what 4 digit number I need? Thanks
  4. n1cks21

    TM-Nano-SE M2 PLUS recording LED

    using this box with openatv anybody know how to stop the recording light from flashing and have a solid light instead ???
  5. L

    Iptv choice

    Thinking of securing a device to run IPTV. Just wondering if people have good performance for IPTV using a good box like the Minute U9 / NVIDIA Shield / Xiaomi Mi Box... Or would I be better serviced by a M254. Hearing MAG254 EPG sucks? Thanks in advance for help and guidance.
  6. geoffsnook

    Broadband test

    Hi is there any way to tell if your virgin line is still active thanks in advance
  7. W

    Iptv picture quality

    Hi have tried a few iptv subs now, all of them seem to struggle with sports there seems to be a blur/ghosting when watching them no matter the screen size though it does become more apparent on larger screens is there anyway to stop this? My tv and laptop screens both cope well with hd and 4k...
  8. N

    Anyone here fluent in Kodi when installing SportsMania?

    It's driving me nuts trying to get Ultimate Mania installed on my Fire TV Box. Installed Kodi 17.1, got the repo from SportsMania, unzipped and updated, go into their repo folder, find SportsMania, Sports Nation HD and UltimateMania all there but if I click on any and press 'install' nothing...
  9. n1cks21

    AutoBouquetsMaker Help

    I am using openatv with AutoBouquetsMaker, I have swapped a few HD channels in the file "sat_282_sky_uk.xml" under the heading:- <!-- swapchannels affects main and sections bouquets. "number" is the SD channel. "with" is the HD Swap will not occur if target is not HD -->channel. \> and it...
  10. HiTecK

    Anyone very good at a new logo for our site.

    Is anyone good at making logo's on here that we will use for new dark style. If so message me and I will give you the details of what's needed. I also need it asap. Sorry to sound impatient but I want the style up yesterday, well members do :haha:;). Thanks HT.