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I am using openatv with AutoBouquetsMaker, I have swapped a few HD channels in the file "sat_282_sky_uk.xml"

under the heading:-

<!-- swapchannels affects main and sections bouquets. "number" is the SD channel. "with" is the HD Swap will not occur if target is not HD -->channel.

and it works a treat, my question is how do I swap an SD channel for an SD channel ?


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Here is mine as an example but I swap sat HD with VM
But I also swap the none available HD channels that we cant get on sat or vm with there sd equivalent look at the top section so this would work with sd and other sd channels

so <insert target="108" source="222" provider="sat_282_sky_uk" ></insert> <!-- Sky Atlantic HD --> target is the channel you want to put it on and source is the official channel number then provider is the sat you want to take it from.

I also use hacks to add Irish channels via channel id but you can just use inserts


just want to swap some channels around on my main Entertainment bouquet group sky 1 and sky 2 together and a few others, I have done all my previous changes using "sat_282_sky_uk.xml" but after reading your post I am just wondering if I should reset it and recreate all my changes in the custom mix file ?