1. manic01

    TM5402M4 210621 1.04 1.04

    New patch 210621 TM-5402_M4_21062021_P.bin RedT (Porn) = enter 1121 in main menu, then go to Apps Audio issues on server for 28e seems sorted,
  2. manic01

    New Patch TM5402 M4 19 05 2021 2021-05-19

    TM-5402_M4_19052021_P Multi Stream added, Added more LNB options Deleting all transponders when you delete a satellite No other info available as yet. UPDATE The new patch has caused a data base error where if you move or delete channels it moves some to 53e, TM are aware and patch being...
  3. F

    Technomate 6900

    Hello. Can anyone help? My second box is a Technomate 6909 hd, Yesterday the front display was saying LNB fault. Is the box dead now. Or does anyone know of a fix, It displays the message with no cable attached after a few seconds, Thanks
  4. S

    Filezilla wont connect to technomate tm-nano se m2 plus

    Hello im trying to connect my box to filezilla. I have typed in my IP along with the username as root and the password blank... this is the error message im getting! I have removed my ip address in the copy and paste below. How do i find out what my username and password is for my box...
  5. T

    TM Twin 4K - Image Suggestions Please

    hi all I have the Technomate TM Twin 4K box and am looking for suggestions for the best image that will allow recording of IP streams to the internal hard drive. Can anyone recommend an image? I’ve tried OpenATV but it freezes an awful lot and I just wondered if there was something better to...
  6. mmm

    WooshBuild Infinity: Satellite,

    Hi guys I want to download wooshbuild infinity on to my new technomate tm-twin sat box but when I klick download on the woosh page no download happens what am I doing wrong
  7. hulkster1974

    Technomate TM-NANO_SE m2 plus

    Hey guys bought a replacement remote for my box but no instructions on how to pair anybody got any ideas the remote i got was a technomate tm-5402-hd im reading that this remote inst compatible now
  8. B

    Memory Issue - I think?

    hi guys! Quick one, My Technomate TM-TWIN-OE (OpenVix) box has been freezing more than I'd like. I've gone through process of elimination and have found the following: Internets Fine Providers say no probs their end. Now, I've unplugged the box from the router and tried to watch a movie on...
  9. channelking

    TM Nano 3T HDD screws

    Hi guys Hope some one can help me. So my old HDD always used to mess up when box crashed with the dreaded spinning circle at the top and corrupted the HDD when I turned off the from back and turned back on. Was told to use putty to restart without turning from the back of the box but...
  10. H

    Help choosing correct box

    Hello guys i currently have a miraclebox micro prem running openvix but im going to transfer that to the bedroom. i want to buy a premium box with better spec and good firmware updates thats reliable that has 2 virmin tuners so i can record and watch at the same time i was looking at this box...
  11. J

    Wooshbuild on TM5402

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know if you can install wooshbuild on the technomate? I have a friend that has the box and I am trying to point him in the right direction regarding IPTV. As he lives far away I cannot just go and have a play. Any help would be most welcome. Lee
  12. F

    Remote code needed

    Hi. I have a techno mate nano SE m2 Plus and the remote is horrible. I've already had it replaced once but the OK button has stopped working on two remotes now. I have a universal remote so I need a code. Does anybody know what 4 digit number I need? Thanks
  13. B

    Technomate Twin 4K Overheating??????

    Hi Guys Anyone with a Technomate Twin4K find that its extremely hot to touch? I took its temperature with a baby's thermometer. It read over 90 degrees on the top side. The bottom feels even hotter!! This cannot e normal or is it? Its brand new and cane with a HD fitted by W.O.S. See attached...
  14. P

    Technomate 5402 HD C1+

    Hi, Help,Is it possible to play IPTV m3u files on this box.
  15. J

    TM-Nano-SE Plus GUI Missing?

    I have an issue with a nano-se plus box where after being turned back on from standby (after a length of time i.e. overnight) the GUI disappears. Now switching the box off and back on doesn't recreate the issue, it seems to be after it being off for a good length of time. What I mean by GUI...
  16. Luffy

    Box wont boot or flash new image, got a blue screen

    Hi, I attempted to change my splash, but now my box won't boot or flash an image. It just shows this screen. Please can someone help me? Thanks, Luffy
  17. ciccio_nffc

    TM 5042 M3 HD CI and iptv

    Hi Just realised I have posted this in the wrong forum I don't know how to move it so I have overwritten it and re-posted in the correct forum. My apologies to admins.
  18. R

    tm nano se plus

    i was advised by an administrator of an iptv server that i should install open itv on my technomate tm nano se plus. at the moment it has an open pli image on it which i installed from my memory stick so i know the stick is ok. i have tried many openitv images but the box does not seem to pick...