TM Nano 3T HDD screws


Hi guys

Hope some one can help me.

So my old HDD always used to mess up when box crashed with the dreaded spinning circle at the top and corrupted the HDD when I turned off the from back and turned back on.

Was told to use putty to restart without turning from the back of the box but realistically is that feasible as if the PC is so far away from the box having to turn on then turn putty on just to restart receiver when it crashes seems a chore.

Nonetheless got a HDD from an old laptop and want to put in the box but what screws do I need to put into the caddy and into the HDD holes as ones I had are too big and can't find the right screws needed?

Do you need to screw it into place? As the box will be stood in the same place all the time.
Or maybe as a last resort stick the HDD down with something like blue tac?
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aye remember crap happens when one forgets like eg
having the same line on 2 boxes and not having it powered off.
dusting under object oh crap what was that puff of smoke?
plugging/unplugging usb and hdmi cables while box is powered on:mad::grimacing::poop::grin:
I need screws to screw the HDD in the inside caddy of the box.

Dave what screws mate tried to look and even go into the local shop near me that does DIY stuff but screws are way too big.

Dont want to get wrong screws again.
Those screws seem quite big for what I need.

The holes in the caddy to screw into the HDD are tiny so not sure if that one is right.
Why don't you email World of Satellite and ask them if they sell the screws you're after, they should have them as you get boxes from them with or without HDDs fitted