Technomate 5402 HD C1+


Yes, just load the .m3u IPTV list in via the usb upload / download menu & it will automatically recognise it & load it ready to use-

& they work fine - providing the channel is of reasonably good quality & your bb's up to it

press the Red button to go to the IPTV list at any time & press exit to return to satellite lists

you can''t edit IPTV channel lists much as the TM5402 M3 phantompatch software stands - you can just delete dead streams but you can edit the iptv list/s on a pc easy enough - even just with notepad


This Technomate model is TM5402HD CI Super Plus one of the early boxes,it is not a M3,are you sure it will accept a IPTV providers m3u list,have been told by a few people in different forums this early version is not compatible.