1. HuggyTheBear

    Does Tivo Box initilaiastion Stop Zgemma H2H from Working?

    Currently have Zgemma H2H working fine on ATV6.1 and Whooshbuild on Hub3 200mbs I had a offer from Vermin that if i added TV to my package would reduce bill by £3 to £50 from £53 . The new Tivo box arrived i set it up but did not make the call for vermin to Initialise box. during the setup box...
  2. J

    Virgin Media Multi Room - Homebrew Solution

    If I have a legit VM subscription, are there any options to provide my own Multi Room solution? As I read it, VM boxes use (i.e. are licensed) Tivo boxes. These are the only Tivo boxes available in the UK, you cannot buy them directly anymore. Tivo boxes can use an ethernet network to stream...