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    Tvheadend 4.3 (RPI3/OSMC) + Xteve 2.1.2 alturismo docker + Plex

    I had a RPI3 (1GB) lying about - Added a £7 pi tvhat (avoid the RPI4 at the moment). Plugged in ETH & COAX (Freeview UK). IIRC, Synology stopped supporting USB TV Tuners. Installed OSMC (which is a sort of kodi distro) on RPI3 and updated to tvheadend v4.3 sudo sh -c 'echo "deb Index of...
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    newcamd on tvheadend

    my current setup is a hauppauge solo hd usb tuner connected to my pc (ubuntu) running off a virgin line. I have scanned for channels and found the ones i want. However, i am struggling to decrypt them under the 'CAs' setting. the nline is in the form 'server port username password 01 02 03 04 05...