1. boardtc

    GrogBuild Grogbuild 6.4 update?

    I have Grogbuild 6.4, build# 20220302 on my Formuler F1, last updated via putty. A lot of channels have not worked for months and I only found out that the transponders have changed. The UDPs down in the drop down are out of date now. I updated the TP manually for BBC1 London - 10818 V 23000...
  2. loncell

    Broadband Retentions leaving Virgin question - Price increase

    My 12 contracts up in March so I rang them. At the moment I pay £38 for: 100mb brand TiVo low package mainly for free view wife's records crap Telephone free weekend calls I rang them and was told it would be going up to £57 which ain't gonna happen on my fffing watch. I said cancel it, so...
  3. grantdavey91

    Help with Upgrading Components please.

    Hi All. Hoping for some help here. I know a bit about hardware for desktops but it's been around 10 years since I was 'up to date' in the computer components field. I have a desktop low profile PC. Model Acer Aspire AX3300 I'm looking to upgrade a few components. I've already upgraded the...
  4. Sirius

    Windows 7 Not activated

    Hi all, a friend brought me an old dell laptop today that she was given and asked can I get it updated, it’s running windows 7 ultimate I tried to upgrade to windows 10 all was going well until it said windows isn’t activated enter your product key, I went into system but there isn’t any ware to...
  5. KGH0210

    Upgrade from MAG BOX

    I currently have a MAG 256 box and an excellent sub. Looking to upgrade box to have an improved layout. Not really sure whats on offer at the moment due to being happy with the MAG for over 2 years. Any recommendations/Help ?
  6. B

    Pc upgrade

    Looking to upgrade my son's pc Current spec Asus H81m plus mb I5 4430 cpu Xfx r9 280x double disapation black edition gpu 8gb XMS3 Corsair 2 x 8g ddr3 ram Msi Dragon liquid cooler In an Aerocool X predator gaming cube Any suggestions either keeping with the mb and there fore the cpu...
  7. I

    Zgemma H5 2TC

    Box constantly stalling/freezing (H5 2tc wooshbuild ver 1.005) when I check for updates on box >software management>software update it checks for updates then says nothing to upgrade, is this right?
  8. S

    Mag 254 - Custom Firmware Upgrade.

    Hi Everyone, Can someone please help me with the following: I have bought a Mag 254 from eBay. Works perfectly fine and I am with happy with my current sub. However I am unable to record channels to my local hard drive... my iptv supplier mentioned that developers of mag have blocked this...
  9. C

    IPAB getting stuck on Boot Everytime After Upgrading

    Guys I just flashed my Zgemma H5-2TC with IPAB after Wooshbuild wasnt recognising my Seagate HDD. With IPAB all issues were gone and HDD was working like a charm on IPAB. As you guys must be aware that There's an option to upgrade system software on IPAB Just like there's an option to upgrade...
  10. D

    Mag 256 slight issues

    So ive upgraded from openbox to iptv and am impressed with the general menu system etc etc but I'm having a few issues with it jamming then repeating itself several times over like stuck in a loop. Also the mouth movement is not consistent with the voice a lot of the time. Any ideas to adjust...
  11. C

    Router Upgrade

    Hi all, I have just recently upgraded to BT Infinity 2 (really recently - not set up yet) I would like to upgrade to a better router other than the standard one I will be sent by BT. I believe I will need a modem as the BT Smart hub won’t act “dumb” as just a modem? The devices we use are ...