Remotely change Portal URL with redirects?

    Hi TK, Basically I have quite a number of personal customers that have MAG devices, and with IPTV a portal URL can need to change quite often, I am wondering if instead of going to each house/box to change the portal URL for the ones who cannot do this, or struggle to learn tech can I do this...
  2. M

    Stream URL capture

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right section for this or if this is possible but thought I’d find out. For my sins I am a Villa fan and have a subscription to the avtv streaming which if you have a VPN let’s you watch all league games that are not on tv in the UK. What I’m trying to do is...
  3. C

    IPTV URL Help

    Hi guys, So, I finally decided to buy a IPTV sub for my Zgemma H.2S. My supplier has emailed me nothing else other than a URL beginning with http:// and ending in =ts. I know how to transfer a m3u file over to my H.2S via echanneliser but this is totally new to me as this is definitely not a...
  4. systemlord

    Getting m3u URL To Be Recognised

    Hey folks, a little help please. I've got an IPTV m3u URL in the following format: http://****************/get.php? username=**********&password=*******&type=m3u_plus&ouput=m3u8 I can open this in VLC player on my PC just fine and it decompresses? all the individual channels into a playlist...