Remotely change Portal URL with redirects?


Hi TK,

Basically I have quite a number of personal customers that have MAG devices, and with IPTV a portal URL can need to change quite often, I am wondering if instead of going to each house/box to change the portal URL for the ones who cannot do this, or struggle to learn tech can I do this remotely?

I have tried creating a bitlink, preloading this link into the portal URL then changing the direction of the bitlink, so the customer just presses the same portal URL, but at my end I have redirected it to a new server/server end URL. BUTt unfortunately you can't edit bitlinks.

Any help appreciated.
Why not setup a DNS name then it would only needs changed on your side.

This would still mean they would all have to change the portal to your DNS name.
Hey buddy,

Sign upto once signed up create a dns name/hostname and then point it to the A record of your suppliers mag portal.

Hi mate, worked perfectly that mate, thanks alot. One question though, when I put my DNS to portal URL i have to put the port at the end, for example: mynewdns.dns:8080/c/

Obviously if the mag portal was to change then the port would to right? and this would have to then be changed on each mag box, undoing the whole reasoning behind this idea.. Would you maybe have a way to work around this?

Appreciate your help. Thanks.
I have never heard of any supplier using a differant port if i am honest.

I wouldn't worry about it fella.

Hi there,

I was reading through the posts.
I'd like to do the same thing.

So let's say I have iptv .com
I would point the name to iptv2 .com/8000/c ?

And also wanted to know if it's possible to do the same for devices that are logged in with Xtream UI (iptv smarter)

Can anyone help me in pointing my dnsname it to the A record of my suppliers mag portal ??? I've just signed up with namecheap but can't figure out how to do it , thanks
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Just read this post and glad to see DNS records are being recommended - THIS is the way!

IMPORTANT - make sure you set a sensible TTL
Setting it too low means your clients need to resolve the domain more frequently. Setting it too high means that clients will not see any changes being made until TTL expires. Remember, upstream DNS resolvers will also cache the record for it's TTL value - this is what most people forget.

My suggestion TTL = 300 seconds (5mins)
The easiest way is to use something like iptv editor. Create a paylist for mag users.

It will work on proper mag boxes but not stuff like formuler boxes.

So if a dns changes you do it once at it will update all.
Any help on how to direct a DNS I created in namecheap to the server mag portal??
Find the Public IP of the machine that you want to use
The trusted source for IP address data, leading IP data provider

or "curl" from a command prompt.

e.g domain =
  • Create an A record in your DNS Namespace
  • A record name = test
  • TTL = 300 ms
  • Value = Public IP you got from above
Once created, run a "ping" test from a command line to make sure your public IP is returning
"ping" - should return the IP
Hello, thankis for your replies but I am a bit confused , someone is telling me to create a Cname and someone else an A record ??

Which one should i create ??
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Sorry for the confusion.....

If you want a DNS record to point to another DNS record - then you use a CNAME record
e.g - you want to resolve to the IP address used by

A record
If you want a DNS record to point directly to an IP address - then use an A record (example I used in post above)

DNS is not complicated, but misunderstanding it is very common - How DNS works
You should probably have a read up on DNS records and specifically CNAME and A records - DNS Records Explained
Remember to set a sensible TTL value (Time to Live) when creating DNS records - I'd recommend 300 (5mins) as minimum value and maximum of 3600 (1 hour)