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chris noon

Hi guys,

So, I finally decided to buy a IPTV sub for my Zgemma H.2S. My supplier has emailed me nothing else other than a URL beginning with http:// and ending in =ts.

I know how to transfer a m3u file over to my H.2S via echanneliser but this is totally new to me as this is definitely not a m3u file! I will be immensely grateful to anyone who can put me in the right direction.

Thanks ever so much in advance.


TK Veteran
That's an m3u url. Enter it into your browsers address bar and it should spit out an m3u playlist file. In E-Channelizer create a new bouquet, then open it and right click. There should be an option to Import m3u file. Click that and the channels should populate. Then send the new bouquet to your box. Job done.

chris noon

Thanks ever so much systemlord. I eventually figured it out myself and in the end it was simple. Just couldn't get my head around it at the time. Thanks again.

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