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usb cam importer

  1. D

    WooshBuild USB Cam Importer crashing H2s

    Hi guys, as per title. I've followed the Wooshbuild Infinity guide & set up a box about 6 weeks ago - it worked fine. Tried setting another box up for a friend yesterday & everytime I tried to add the cccam the box crashes. I spent 6 hours reading through threads, but got absolutely no where...
  2. daniel amos

    help please guys

    hi guys a little help please. so i updated wooshbuild to 6.0 i think. all went well but when i put in my usb stick and go on usb cam importer to import my line its coming up as if theres no line on the usb stick to upload and on the usb cam importer screen if i press green it comes up fault and...
  3. T


    Hi guys, i have a zgemma h.2s box at home. What im looking to know in detail, is how to insert a cccam line via usb into the box and activate it? Say i buy the line, i recieve it via email, what are my next steps right thru to working. cheers for any help in advance.
  4. W


    Hi Guys, I am a complete rookie so bear with me.... So i bought a zgemma h2s off ebay, with everything all installed, plug and play (not quite, but anyway) Everything was working okish, paid channels, etc but i wasn't happy with the workings off it, such as EPG etc, so after a bit of reading i...