help please guys

daniel amos

hi guys a little help please. so i updated wooshbuild to 6.0 i think. all went well but when i put in my usb stick and go on usb cam importer to import my line its coming up as if theres no line on the usb stick to upload and on the usb cam importer screen if i press green it comes up fault and restarts the box. so i have updated the box but now cant import my line. please help a dummy out guys
Try using network. Go on your laptop, go to network and see if your box is listed. Go into that then usr, then keys. Plonk in your line file there.

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There should be atleast 2 files in your key folder "newcamd.list" and mg_cfg

Then restart cam and hopefully should work

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Daniel, one way to ftp would be to see if your zgemma appears on your network on your PC. The other alternative is to download and use FileZilla from your PC.

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ive had a look and my zgemma isnt showing on my network so will try and download filezilla now chris there should be a tutorial on youtube shouldnt there?