video playback

  1. grog68

    playback recordings blank on one box

    OK I have 2 boxes, VU+ Uno 4k with ATV 7.2 installed, and H5.2tc using ATV 6.4 The VU+ has an external HDD connected and I use this box for recording from sat channels. The H52tc has the HDD mounted as a network mount. On the H52tc I can play and watch the recordings fine. On the VU+ I can't...
  2. _BAZ

    Is there a media player box that can do this?

    What’s the best way to achieve the requirement for a piece of hardware that can be plugged into a TV or big screen and it will automatically play an infinite number of videos, on shuffle and in a continuous loop, without any need for user interaction beyond plugging it in? It’s for promotional...
  3. M

    Zgemma h3tc Crashing on HDD Playback

    Hi all. For months I’ve had issues when playing back recorded video on an external drive. I’d previously put it down to poor set up but I’ve now reflashed with WooshBuild Infinity, formatted the drive, etc. and I’m still having the same issue. All seems fine with playback until I try to...