vm c/s

  1. W

    Failed to tune vermin on tuner c

    hi got a h5.2tc now for a year runs fine woke up this morning to a error message auto boquets failed to tune vermin to tuner c , i have the two cable tuners enabled no sat. Any ideas what has caused it sometime my hdd dismounts and that seemed to have happen during the night but have remounted...
  2. W

    Cable box

    hi been looking online to pickup a zgemma h5.2tc but can seem to find one anywhere? Any help would be great. Also is there anything similar with two cable tuners
  3. W

    Channel glitching

    hi all, Looking for some info/help been with current provider a few months moved because some of the lesser channels were glitching quite a bit so moved over everything was good much improved still the odd glitch here and there on certain channels but the main ones ie sky and bt sports and that...
  4. W

    Black screen on all pay for channels

    Woek up this morning to a black screen on all my vermin channels has anyone got this? Done the usual reboots and rescans and router reboot Nothings has solved it. If anyone knows anything or is having the same issue can you let me know thanks
  5. W

    Hdu and splitters

    hi all, Looking for a bit of info have my vigin feed split 3 ways . Router and 2 zgemma boxes. Getting a bit of jumping and glitching and have tried a few providers even the 80 quid a year ones and it still done it also broadband drop outs. Doesnt happen when i take out splitter. Have used...
  6. thebulls

    Zgemma on vm crashing

    Hi guys i have a zgemma h2h thats on vm and its constantly crashing internet speed is at 200mb now as i thought thats what it was but makes not difference any ideas i have done 5 boxes from the same supplier all are fine apart from this one its got the new open vix on it run mgcamd 1.38...
  7. C


    Hi guys I was wondering if the the youtube ppv boxing this satuarday will be on vm c/s as they have youtube intergrated or will it iptv route ?