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Channel glitching


hi all,

Looking for some info/help been with current provider a few months moved because some of the lesser channels were glitching quite a bit so moved over everything was good much improved still the odd glitch here and there on certain channels but the main ones ie sky and bt sports and that are great. Is there anyway to stop the glitches on the lesser channels. Have trialed a premium sub from another well known site and it seems not to have it so far anyways. Whats the deal is it line related or what thanks
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Just to add my setup has been teated by a off the clock vermin engineer and power level and signal levels are fine. Have used a virgin splitter and webro cable


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if old line glitches and newer one does not sounds like old provider.
splitter 5-1000mhz?


Both lines have glitches the old provder had a lot more channels that glitched new provider ad say 85-90% are really good but some channels that you may only watch for a few hours a week seems to jump. Yeah mate 5-1000mhz splitter had one of ebay but managed to get one of a virgin engineer a few months back when i had all my levels checked.