vu+ duo2

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    Constantly Freezing IPTV Channels

    Hi All, My current STB is a VU+ DUO2 ( six years old) which i use to stream IPTV channels via an Ethernet LAN cable connection. My current image is OpenATV combined with Wooshbuild Infinity 6.4 and Jedimaker plugins Meanwhile, most of my IPTV channels freeze at least every five minutes and...
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    Sold Vu DUo2 original box with triple sat tuners + 1.5gb interanl hard disk

    Duo2 box available for sale . The box was purchased in 2018 from WoS . Came with twin sat tuners but added single sat tuner and 1.5gb hard disk later. Good working condition. Remote is in ok condition but some keys need hard pressing. All keys works though. Looking for £200 Inc UK...
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    WooshBuild Dual CAM issue

    Hi I have Wooshbuild running on a VU+ Duo2 with a CWS line for Vermin and a Cline for Sly (basically Racing TV only). I have setup two softcams. Cam 1 = mgcamd 1.38r1 for Vermin on a test line and Cam 2 = CCcam 2.32 for Sly. For some reason there appears to be an issue with both CAMS being...
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    Vu+ Duo(not 2) lives again install guide, bootloop after skin update, can't install plugins ie e2iplayer, wooshbuild, openmultiboot, flashexpander.SSD

    Ok here goes.... So this box has given me a headache for a week and I have lost count of the amount of re-flashes. No sooner did I appear to achieve a goal then there would be another problem the box wouldn't install plugins, freeze up or bootloop. The most frustrating part was having...