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vu+ uno4k

  1. X

    OSCAM issues on VU+ Uno 4K SE

    Hi All Im in need of some desperate help, I'm a newbie - have done a lot of reading to try and sort this on my own but have now admitted defeat and hit a brick wall. I have a N/CWS line for VM and have a VU+ Uno 4K SE box running the latest version of Vix. I have installed OSCAM and converted...
  2. C

    Which VU+ 4K Satellite Box ? Need advice please.

    Currently have a zGemma H2s box but wish to upgrade to one of the VU+ 4k boxes however am a little confused which is the one I should go fo? So firstly I know the Ultimo is the best but it's pretty expensive so I have been looking at the Uno4KSE and Solo 4K. My requirements are pretty straight...
  3. D

    VU+Uno4k OSCam

    VU+Uno4k - OSCam Anyone got this working well ? I can watch Live Tv via the box or a 2nd device. But when I record everything goes wrong... The recordings freeze, live tv fails to decrypt every so 30/40seconds. I have 4 proxies connecting to 2 different servers. I know it's an OSCam issue...
  4. grog68

    Two boxes, same line, one gets all sports sd other doesn't

    HI I've got an interesting situation, I have a VU+ Uno4k and a H2H connected at the moment. Both using line from same server. On the VU all SS SD channels work fine On the H2H there are about 3 that do not work, ie SS F1 SD is black I have taken the line from the VU and put it on the H2H and...
  5. grog68

    Grogbuild ATV 6.1 cable only build for H5.2tc, H7C and H4

    Edit:20th November 2017 - I've just been informed the H52tc build also works well on the H5 Edit:22nd November 2017 - I've been told by @davesbak that the H2H build works well on the H2S, you just need to configure for satellite rather than cable. EDit:26th March 2018 - Grogbuild has now been...