1. RDF

    WN832N and other wifi adaptors.

    Hi My wifi adaptor is a TP link WN823N using RTL8192cu (1.0-r3) driver. I was running VIX ver 5 with my wifi adaptor working fine. I upgraded to the latest VIX and tried to download the driver for my wifi. It is no longer listed in PLUGINS. Lots of TP link and other wifi adaptors use this...
  2. RDF

    Wrong wifi driver in plugins.

    Hi I am thinking about IPTV so I flashed to the latest Vix and my wifi lan stopped working. I went to plugins and downloaded RTL8192CU driver (1.0-r5), the wifi adaptor is shown but will not work. The last few times I have flashed I have downloaded RTL8192CU (1.0-r3) and the wifi has worked...