WN832N and other wifi adaptors.


My wifi adaptor is a TP link WN823N using RTL8192cu (1.0-r3) driver.

I was running VIX ver 5 with my wifi adaptor working fine.
I upgraded to the latest VIX and tried to download the driver for my wifi. It is no longer listed in PLUGINS.
Lots of TP link and other wifi adaptors use this driver.
I downloaded the driver as an IPK file and installed it (after a lot of looking). This installs to the wrong folder and is not read.
The new drivers in PLUGINS are for version 2 of the wifi adaptor not version one.
I see lots of people have the same problem.
Can the driver be included again to stop lots of people throwing away their wifi adaptors?
Should we throw away our hard wear every time Vix or Openatv are updated?
Who decides what goes in plugins, tell them to bring that driver back?
I hope they don't make my telly incompatible if they feel like it.


I can run Vix or Open V5 with wifi adaptor and no plugins or Vix and Open V6 with no wifi AND no plugins.
I want my driver back.

Well Vixed