1. stuss

    What Sunglasses do you wear,

    With Summer at last arriving, what shades do you wear, in the Car, Beach, Cycling or Garden. Post a pic
  2. L

    Swapping receivers.

    Hi all, I would like to ask a simple question: I have a motorised systen, with a VU+ Zero 4k, and it works quite well. When I replace the receiver with a Zgemma h9.2S, which has exactly the same settings, should it not pick up a signal and work in the same way?
  3. dsayers2014

    Working rights due to weather?

    Hi my work closed last week due to snow, they are paying everyone for that day that is 8 hours, happy days I thought but I was on holiday already planned so where do I stand? I thought that I might have been given 8 hours holiday back as the workplace was force closed and everyone else is...