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Working rights due to weather?


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Hi my work closed last week due to snow, they are paying everyone for that day that is 8 hours, happy days I thought but I was on holiday already planned so where do I stand?

I thought that I might have been given 8 hours holiday back as the workplace was force closed and everyone else is getting payed but they said no as I already had it as an holiday but how can I be on holiday if the business is shut? How is it fair that everyone else effectively gets an extra 8 hours holiday and I dont?

So am I entitled for the 8 hours holday back or is my boss correct?

If im entitled to the holiday back has anyone got any valid links to websites ie direct gove or acas so I can take it into work and claim mu holidays back? Thanks


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You are not entitled - local workplaces may do deals, but you are not entitled.
The argument from your employers point of view would be that they paid someone to cover your shift as they had already paid you holidays and needed someone else to mispackage their products lol.

I am a shop steward here in Dublin, and our lot have agreed to pay anyone eho rang in and took a days holiday instead of going sick, or just not turning up, but those who had preplanned holidays will still be on holiday.

They would also argue that they could have been nasty feckers and insisted everyone turn up - then when they couldn't - dock everyone.

It is just one of those things, im afraid.

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The UK working hours ruling states that if you are on paid leave from your regular place of work and extreme weather or other such closes your workplace down then you are deemed to have been paid for that time.
Workers can claim lost time as holiday or some employers [not all] will pay an agreed basic wage for lost hours.
You can cover lost working hours thru an insurance scheme but noy many low paid workers subscribe so most accept the loss of their holidays and take what's on offer.
The crafty bosses get away with a lot by saying "it's an act of God" but my answer to that is "stuff your job" and move on.


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Like I said in the shoutbox earlier, you weren't meant to be there anyway as you had (by your own action) taken holidays.
Those who were meant to be there, couldn't work (not by their own actions) due to the weather conditions. - it was out of their control as they were willing to work but couldn't, you weren't willing to work because you were on paid leave.

next time, before you book hols, check the weather forecast :emoji_snowflake: