zgemma h7c

  1. vicflange

    Cable H7C Booting Issue

    Got message Openatv image out of date need to flash box, so downloaded latest Openatv, formatted USB and tried to flash box. Sometimes it skips by the flash and goes straight into boot, when I can get it to flash and boot, it stops on either 49 or 00. I have tried several USB sticks and various...
  2. W

    Images Zgemma H7C Backup_03Jun2019_Wooshbuild Infinity_VM2 HD Skin_Open ATV 6.2_Softcam Feed (Ccam, Mgcamd) 1.0

    I've received a fair amount of help, and I've really put other people's work together and made it work for myself Most of this work isn't my doing, however an "almost complete" backup image would probably help people. This is a backup image for a dual DVB-C tuner. If using only one, you may need...
  3. Graham19811981

    Cable Channel taking ages to change on certain ones!

    My channels are taking quite along time to change on certain lower channels! Using Zgemma H7c vermin Tuner DVB-C 587.0 zMHz 6952 3/4 61472 101-QAM256 is that correct? Channels are perfect no glitch freeze or pixelating it’s just black screen for ages then comes on! Any help idea why this is...
  4. F

    Cable Zgemma H7C transcoding

    Anyone know if this box supports transcoding, since it has Dual Core 1700Mhz? Thanks