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A guide to the best boxes for IPTV


I've bought quite a lot of boxes over the last 3 years for myself and mates have bought them and asked for help setting up etc. So I've used quite a few of the most popular devices.

I still love a MAGBOX, made for IPTV and does it very very well.
Enigma 2 via Zgemma and Octagon etc are great if you still want one box for Freeview and then integration of IPTV etc.
Quite liked the Formula devices. The Zx I think was one I did for 3 mates. Really good and its own dedicated app was pretty decent (at the time there was a special offer on the boxes so were £20 cheaper than normal).

Firestick works great and the 4k Stick is quite a bit of power/flexibility for the price.I just wish STB EMU worked better with the remote side of things (blue/red/green buttons) as It is so much simpler searching for films and shows on it .

I had an Nvidia Shield for 16m. Great box and amazing power, I used a legit STB EMU and found it rock solid.
Octagon SX888 and SX88+(tv tuner on it too) is one hell of a box for the price. Has Stalker look and feel.

Still know people rocking Zgemma boxes from 5 years ago, work really well with Xtreme editor to be fair. Talk about getting your money's worth there! :)

We all have our favorite and goto device. Horses for courses.


Nvidia shield you won't regret it. The best $185 I've ever spent. I've bought the Mi box for friends and family that don't see the point in spending all that on an Android box. It gets the job done but an Nvidia shield is future proof and you can play games on the Nvidia now service or the dozens on emulators.