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  1. P

    IPTV stb emu black screen after firstick 4k update? running PIA vpn???

    IPTV black screen after firstick 4k update? running PIA vpn??? Im runnng stb emu & PIA vpn but im getting problems, it seems to have started after the new update, can any one else help? My sub is working, as it lets me in & I can see the menu, but when I pick a channel its a black screen. all...
  2. Fez1

    Xstreamity V2.93 2021-04-19

    Xstreamity V2.93 KiddaC wrote This release includes the previous mentioned catchup displayed times fix. So it shows HH:MM and not HH:SS Catchup streams are now forced to be streamtype 4097 and output m3u8. This corrects all strange times in the infobar and seekbar Quick epg update - I have...
  3. D

    IPTV Able to watch all countries except for any USA channels

    Hi all, I have an android TV with an IPTV app directly on the TV. The main channels that i would watch from my IPTV subscriber are the Irish, UK and USA channels. All was working fine for the last 2 years until about a week ago. One evening last week i changed channel to USA movies which i...
  4. R

    Ott-Navigator v1.6.4.3 Premium 2021-01-29

    Ott-Navigator v1.6.4.3 Premium
  5. F

    Mag 324 Blank Screen After Initial Startup

    Hey Everyone, I have been getting this error for the past couple of days where my Mag box goes blank after the initial Informir startup screen and the select portal screen is not loading. I have tried to factory reset my device and install a new image via USB onto the device but still getting...
  6. Dar1437

    Stop Streaming (or face jail lol)

    IPTV and Kodi box users to receive letters warning of jail time 7,000 Lancs residents using illegal IPTV service get prison warning
  7. C

    OTHER Iptv help

    Hi all I'm having an issue on my xtrend et10000 when I'm in iptv section the box will crash hangs on the spinner untill I revert from the mains, I have latest xtreme editor installed and it works fine other than the crashing is there any work around, im using the latest open vix image but can...
  8. S

    Are Sly blocking firestick devices for iptv?

    Hi Guys! new to the site..thought I’d join as I’ve got a bit of head scratcher that I want to get to the bottom of. I wondered if anyone has experienced sly blocking firesticks via wifi? (Sorry I’m not very up to date with the tech lingo) Thing is, even with the VPN on (Surfshark) the iptv is...
  9. E

    LTQ App not Connecting to Server

    I have a subscription for LTQ on my Fire Stick and I went to switch it on the other day and it now won't work and says "cannot connect to server". Is there any way I can fix this problem?
  10. J

    Newbie Help - ZGemma H3.2tc

    Hi everyone, thank you for reading this and any help you may be able to give me. I am about to purchase a ZGemma H3.2tc box and have a few questions before I do. 1 - Is it pretty easy to install a custom skin like the Sky Q new one I have seen. If so can you give me an idiots guide on how to...
  11. S

    How to change IPTV media player on Dreambox

    How do I change the media player engine of my current IPTV listing on my Dreambox 800SE to OE16 ?
  12. W

    Zgemma VPN Problems.

    Hi guys, I have a zgemma h9.2s I’ve hit a brick wall in regards to getting a vpn onto my box. I’m running whooshbuild infinity on there I’ve tried the digibit and xtream editor plugins to use as VPN’s and even tried a openvpn manager but every time my details are entered (I have a digibit &...
  13. B

    Iptv issues frying my brain

    So we all no there has been some issues lately, however will see if you have any ideas, I have a zgemma running latest openatv image open vpn using pia. Last night sports channels not working, however when I went on my phone app dream player they were working flawlessly, on WiFi but have no...
  14. W


    Hi guys looking for help. have a few subs and been getting issues. When a big match is on or soccer aid for example. Totally unwatchable. Flick a vpn on and its fine. My main sub doesnt except vpns. So looking to figure it what causes it. I use a formuler so i can see rhe buffer bars are empty...
  15. J

    Zgemma help for a newbie

    Hello all, I was wondering if somebody could help. Basically, I bought a fully loaded Zgemma H9S box, and I can't seem to get any channels to play video/audio. They appear, and the EPG works, but the channels itself don't actually play. I live in a block of flats which have communal internet -...
  16. W


    Hi guys get acweird issue where the blue buffer bars go blank and stream freezes. Will donit constantly say during a game. Will jumo over to smarters same provider and be flawless. This has happened with a few subs .same device
  17. cactikid

    Recording iptv

    Asking for a mate. Was using a old dvd recorder to copy IPTV, a HDMI to scart worked fine with firestick and a mag box but that system now appears to be blocked. Now looking at a MYPIN capture card but unsure if it works with a Mag/firestick live stream IPTV Do U have any info about MYPIN or...
  18. R

    IPTV lagging using suls

    Hi, I have a zgemma h9 twin running openatv 6.4 wooshbuild infinity, I have used suls to add the channels as bouquets. I keep having to go up and down channel when the stream begins to lag. I changed the type to 5002 in the suls plugin and then installed serviceapp and changed It to...
  19. J

    XtreamTV Mips32el ipk and armv7a problems

    I have a ZGEMMA H9 combo box so I can only install armv7a files. My provider has sent me a mips32el ipk. How do I edit it so it’s compatible with my device? My provider asked if I knew how to link the server url with the one i download from the internet, this is one I found just so I can get...
  20. W


    I have 2 formuler boxes z7+ and z8+ i have both boxes set up with m3u and the login for both my subs. I get a lot of freezing during football on both on mytvonline but they both are fine on smarters any ideas?