1. V

    How to Determine the best Trial out of Trials?

    Hi, I signed up to a trial over the last weekend in the UK and I had issues with the trial such as buffering/freezing like 2 out of every 3 channels as well as some channel categories not working from the start. I wont mention the name of the provider however the provider has TK veteran status...
  2. V

    Advice before Submitting Request

    Hi, Before I submit my request in that sticky thread and I will get a mountain of DM's in return, to clarify replies from VIPs are better than TKs because VIP status is better and for the after sales support, which is better, Telegram or Discord? Also how do I know if its from a Bad...
  3. V

    New to IPTV

    Hi, I have the latest FiresStick MAX and I have Windows 11 Pro computer & a LG Smart Oled. Which IPTV App player is the best to download from the amazon store & Microsoft store & LG Store? Will Service Providers allow you to use different IPTV apps on different devices or best to stick to 1...
  4. trawr

    IPTV 4k buffering

    Hey all, Fairly new to IPTV and have decided to recently delve into this world after using some rubbish IPTV provider through a friend of mine. I’ve had some trials here and they are so much better than what I’m using but any of the providers trials I take, the 4k sport streams always buffer...
  5. N

    Lost and looking for advice for IPTV and TV

    I hope you're all doing well. I'll put it bluntly, i'm pretty new to this and i'm lost. My TV packed out on me, it won't turn on after trying every Google remedy to fix it. So here I am, after a couple of weeks of research i've practically decided to buy the LG G3. Now that I'm thinking of...
  6. christara

    Buffer help

    Above is what am getting, obviously Nordvpn is on when I tested above. I have been with my supplier/suppliers for a good couple of years and when the footy is on am getting buffering. (I have two suppliers) Whether its the 3pm or champions league or other that's when the buffering kicks in. It...
  7. A

    Iptv review

    Is there a forum/website/discord/telegram group where genuine iptv service reviews can be discussed or posted?
  8. S

    Don’t trust the “Top IPTV Providers”

    Don’t aways trust these “top 10 iptv providers website” They don’t test any and they just want money To which they then asked how much money can I donate the more the better is what they said So please don’t trust these sites Not saying the providers are bad but don’t just trust because...
  9. D

    Best VPN

    What VPN are you using?
  10. mummykay86

    Wanting to make sure before I pay

    Hi everyone. Looking for advice on the apps pre installed on my tv. They are super smart and smartone. Cant sideload to get smarters on it so I was wondering will I be able to use my current sub on these apps or will I need to get a box/firestick to run it? Current sub runs through my...
  11. M

    Official Czech Cable & IPTV Prodiver Detects VPN Use How To Solve This?

    I have registered with an official czech tv channels provider that does satellite tv and digital tv through their website (like sky in the UK) and they have their own app now. most of the channels load but some that are region locked do not load even when I use my vpn (surfshark, express vpn)...
  12. D

    Discord Pro

    Still new here so I’m not sure if I’m asking in the right forum, apologies if not. Looking for a discord designer, someone who knows how to automate as much as possible. It would be for an iptv service so I’m specifically looking for sports schedules, new releases for streaming content, and some...
  13. Pacman2D

    Mytvonline3 / Bluetooth remote / formuler box

    Decided to purchase the formuler z11 pro max with the Bluetooth remote. So far the box is great especially using mytvonline3. I have been using the voice command on the remote to change channels, so for example if I say “Comedy Central” the channel changes but if I say something like “Sky...
  14. Pacman2D

    Formuler or BuzzTV box for IPTV streaming?

    For a while now, I have been using the amazon firestick 4K max for streaming iptv. I do like the interface of the firestick but would prefer something that is similar to a mag box interface or like a sky box where you just turn it on and you can flick through the channels with a guide &...
  15. Pacman2D

    Is it still worth purchasing a Mag Box?

    I have been using the Amazon firestick for IPTV for a while now using the iptv providers dedicated apps. While I haven’t found anything bad about it in terms of streaming and the quality, I have always liked the simplicity of the mag box layout and even the look of the StbEmu emulator on a...
  16. magpie747

    Likelihood of providers having Subtitle / CC capability channels?

    Hi there, New to here and IPTV in general really. I'm nearly deaf and I rely on subtitles when viewing tv shows and movies to follow so interested to hear back from anyone in similar position. I'm starting to realise that getting subtitles mightn't be straightforward after a trial with a...
  17. Prim@l

    NVIDIA SHIELD TV (£99.99) & Pro (£159.99) @ Amazon

    NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Pro Streaming Media Player; 4K HDR Movies, Live Sports, Dolby Vision-Atmos, AI-Enhanced Upscaling, GeForce NOW Cloud Gaming, Google Assistant Built-In, Works with Alexa = £159.99 NVIDIA Shield TV 4K HDR Ready Media Streamer Built-in Chromecast 4K Ultra = £99.99 @HiTecK...
  18. S

    Question about channel consistency

    Hello! I have had IPTV for years now but I have always been curious about a few things, please forgive my ignorance: 1) In the same server, how come some UHD channels (BT, Sky) work flawlessly, while some lower bitrate channels freeze. Shouldn't the same server that can push out 12 000 kb/s...
  19. Elliot_1990

    Movies on firestick

    Good morning chaps! So I’m currently looking for a new subscription and feel like there are some really good options out there but they don’t always have a great movie selection. Is there anywhere else I could get movies on the firestick preferably in 4k? Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  20. S

    Firestick sub no longer working?

    I need to sort my Tv channels out as the fire stick is finished. I dont know what to do now so looking for some advice, or posting to correct posts that could point me in the right direction? I did put a post up but looks like it was deleted???? Thanks