1. Tonystark7

    New Subscription Required IPTV Zgemma

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a IPTV service for a Zgemma H7 which can: Record 1 stream while watching another Also offer subtitle service Thanks
  2. W


    Hi guys get acweird issue where the blue buffer bars go blank and stream freezes. Will donit constantly say during a game. Will jumo over to smarters same provider and be flawless. This has happened with a few subs .same device
  3. cactikid

    Recording iptv

    Asking for a mate. Was using a old dvd recorder to copy IPTV, a HDMI to scart worked fine with firestick and a mag box but that system now appears to be blocked. Now looking at a MYPIN capture card but unsure if it works with a Mag/firestick live stream IPTV Do U have any info about MYPIN or...
  4. R

    IPTV lagging using suls

    Hi, I have a zgemma h9 twin running openatv 6.4 wooshbuild infinity, I have used suls to add the channels as bouquets. I keep having to go up and down channel when the stream begins to lag. I changed the type to 5002 in the suls plugin and then installed serviceapp and changed It to...
  5. J

    XtreamTV Mips32el ipk and armv7a problems

    I have a ZGEMMA H9 combo box so I can only install armv7a files. My provider has sent me a mips32el ipk. How do I edit it so it’s compatible with my device? My provider asked if I knew how to link the server url with the one i download from the internet, this is one I found just so I can get...
  6. W


    I have 2 formuler boxes z7+ and z8+ i have both boxes set up with m3u and the login for both my subs. I get a lot of freezing during football on both on mytvonline but they both are fine on smarters any ideas?
  7. R

    Anyone else been blocked tonight ?

    Cant watch iptv through provider tonight ? Anyone else through theres?
  8. M

    IPTV EPG Online - M3U Editor & EPG Service

    Hi, I just wanted to share the following M3U editor and Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) service for anyone that is looking. You will need an M3U file from a provider first. You can then add a local M3U file or URL link to get EPG information and edit your playlist as most playlists have 1000s...
  9. E

    No EPG on iptv channels plugin

    Hello any ideas how i can load epg on my iptv channels. Im using the plugin to receive channels. Zgemma h2h WooshBuild Infinity
  10. M

    STB IPTV Box Portal URL

    Hi, I am new to this forum and apologise in advance, if I am not using the correct channels to post a question. I would greatly appreciate if someone could help me change the portal URL on my ITPV STB. I have tried rebooting and pressing the menu button, but it does not work. My box is XSARUIS...
  11. C

    What to get

    Hi fellas looking to get iptv just wondering what’s best to run it on mag, fire stick, looking for something that I can move around without involving loads of hassle. Fire stick looks best option for this but would like some info pros/cons. cheers.
  12. Kuul Media

    Buzztv XR 4500 - Android 9 IPTV Media Player 2GB RAM | 16GB eMMC Storage | 1GB LAN | Dual Band WiFi AC | Buzztv 4 App

    ARRIVING TO KUUL MEDIA | THE OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTOR AND REPRESENTATIVE OF BUZZTV IN UK - IRELAND - EUROPE Specifications CPU Amlogic S905X3 64-bit quad-core ARM® Cortex™ A55 GPU G31™ MP2 RAM 2GB LPDDR4 STORAGE 16GB OS: Android 9.0 WIFI: 2.4Ghz + 5Ghz + 2X2 WIFI + Bluetooth...
  13. Kuul Media

    Q Series Xsarius Q2 4K UHD 2GB Ram 16GB Storage IPTV Android 7.1 Media Player Premium TV App - NEW

    KUUL MEDIA ARE THE OFFICIAL UK & IRELAND DISTRIBUTOR FOR XSARIUS CONTACT US FOR TRADE PRICES 0208 004 0331 --- CLICK HERE --- The Q2 from Xsarius is a new 4K UHD OTT media set-top box that is controlled by OS Android 7.1. Experience sublime image and sound quality for all your favourite apps...
  14. Kuul Media

    Q Series Xsarius Q1 4K UHD IPTV Android 7.1 Media Player with Premium TV App - NEW

    KUUL MEDIA ARE THE OFFICIAL UK & IRELAND DISTRIBUTOR FOR XSARIUS CONTACT US FOR TRADE PRICES 0208 004 0331 --- CLICK HERE --- The Q1 from Xsarius is the newest UHD OTT Multimedia set-top box powered by OS Android 7.1. Experience sublime image and sound quality for all your favourite apps...
  15. dsayers2014

    Jedimakerxtream guide pdf 2020-02-23

    A detailed guide for setting up jedimakerxtream on enigma2 to create iptv bouquets
  16. BoardmanX

    Dishonest IPTV sellers and their tricks.

    I just wanted to make a thread where one can discuss how some IPTV sellers can be dishonest and some of the dirty tricks used. I know the nature of these type of services can all be a bit hush-hush but without naming names or personal details I think it would be good to list and share some of...
  17. W

    Looking for help

    Hi have an iptv sub with a provider who i have been with for nearly 2 years. I was having issues with an app formuler box and contacted formuler for help as the after an update app wouldnt work i told the guy what they were asking about trialling my m3u which i never supplied them and he has now...
  18. W


    Hi guys got a formuler z7+ just updated mytvonline to latest and my portal wont connect . I use the m3u portal not the standard portal. Data load error . Seems to be a common issues looking at there forum. Does anyone know how to fix it? Or install a previous version of mytvonline. Cheers
  19. basejumper

    Perfect cast 1.118 latest version 2019-12-02

    The description of Perfect Cast Use this util on your phone to control perfect player. Perfect Cast is IPTV playlist manager with TV guide (EPG) support. It allows to watch IPTV on your devices or use it as a remote control for Perfect Player IPTV (v1.4.4+). Instructions to watch IPTV on your...
  20. basejumper

    Perfect Player IPTV 1.5.5 latest version 20/11/19 v1.5.5

    The description of Perfect Player Description Perfect Player iptv apk is a video player that will allow you to enjoy your movies, TV series and streams on TVs, tablets and smartphones. The application contains no channels: you must add your own playlists in the settings. Note: To enjoy the best...