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ADSL Broadband Contracts


I don't post much, so hopefully this might help a couple of people.

If you have ADSL Broadband and are stuck in a contract you can get out the contract for free by telling your provider you are moving address but moving to Hull.

The reason this works is Hull is served by Kingston Communications, so your provider cannot offer a service there, hence the get out of contract free card. This does not work for Virgin Media, although that may change with new laws.

If you were wanting to make a little money off of this fact you could use Quidco/Topcashback to make orders and after they've paid out do the whole cancel/move house scenario and sign up again, collecting cashback again amd so on and so forth.

Hope it helps someone, also I guess the reverse is true, if you live in Hull say you're moving outside of Hull and there should be no cancellation charges.


Also sorry for posting in General PC section, couldn't find a better forum, it might help quite a few people on the forum though, any questions I'll try to answer

inb4 ex-bt employee