1. KGH0210

    sky 500mb broadband - currently using a simple tp powerline adapter but thinking of upgrading too eero advice needed

    currently have 500mb from sky with their own router. i would powerline adapters but they are pretty old and im not getting a good speed. anyone got any advice, looked at eero but seems they can be a hassle with sky ( seems others routers are as well) anyone got any advice ?
  2. j4v3d

    Broadband Virgin Media Broadband - Price Changes

    Hello, I received this email from Virgin Media about my broadband, the contract finishes next month and the price change is just yikes! It seems like there are many that have got this email and the price change varies. So make sure you check when your contract runs out and either haggle for...
  3. stuss

    Amazon sharing your internet with neighbours

    Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors Amazon Kept that a little naughty secret.
  4. Matt9096

    Which broadband service to go with?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can give me some advice. Me and the missus are moving into our first house next week and I still haven't chosen a BB provider yet. I've been shopping around but not sure which service to go with. I need a service that will work well with my IPTV as I have no...
  5. grog68

    switch to sky fibre

    I am currently on 200mb Virgin broadband but our teenage son has moved out so thinking the 200mb is a bit of an overkill, he was always playing online games, streaming etc. we do very little of that. I was thinking of dropping to the 50mb virgin but then I looked at sky fibre unlimited and they...
  6. 8

    Benefits and BT

    BT offer a very cheap phone line and broadband package for people on certain benefits (I don't have time to check but feel free to edit mods) This package is largely unadvertised, it comes under the BT Basic category. If you call up to order the broadband you need to call a certain number and...
  7. 8

    ADSL Broadband Contracts

    I don't post much, so hopefully this might help a couple of people. If you have ADSL Broadband and are stuck in a contract you can get out the contract for free by telling your provider you are moving address but moving to Hull. The reason this works is Hull is served by Kingston...
  8. W

    How do I get fibre broadband in my area?

    Hi guys, just wondering how do I go about getting fibre broadband in my area. I’ve heard that I need to get around 10 neighbours to say they require fibre and then they will install it. Anyone gone down this route or have any info. Would be grateful Wes
  9. A

    Home Plugs old Technology

    Hi all, I just wanted to share this I have used home-plugs over the last few years to connect consoles and the like to the internet. They would not work in some of the upstairs rooms so I had no internet because they were on a seperate ring main. I was reading an article a couple of weeks ago...
  10. M

    Need urgent help... V5S Openbox

    Hi All Im new on here and apologies for the 'urgent' post im sure there are plenty urgent messages but I really need help. Quick intro - Im not really a tech guy... just know basics! So..... I have an openbox v5S with the 'warranty' package no longer running. I have been told IPTV system is...
  11. pdw

    Upgrading to Sly Fibre & IPTV

    Hello, Im currently running Sly free sat and subscribed IPTV on an zgemma box. Im upgrading to Sly fibre to improve the service Im getting (Im now on Sly BB unlimited). My concern is that , apparently, Sly will be monitoring my line for the first 10 days or so after the upgrade to ensure...
  12. D

    OTHER Man cave / summer room football watching

    I have a xtrend 8500 dual tuner cable box in my front room with the virmin broadband router and a additional TiVo box in the back room. The xtrend is a great bit of kit and I have never had any issues with it for almost a year with help from the people on this site.. Having my garage / workshop...
  13. j4v3d

    Hyperoptic raises £100 million to bring 1Gbps fibre to millions of homes

    Hyperoptic, which is now claiming to be the UK's largest gigabit FTTP ISP, has secured an investment of £100 million to accelerate the expansion of its network. 350,000 homes and businesses can sign up for Hyperoptic, which offers symmetrical 1Gbps Internet connectivity for about £60 per month...
  14. bigwayne1976

    sky broadband

    hi all,ive got a bskyb router sr102 the black hub one,ive always had shit speeds cuz im in a rural area cant get virgin media where i am.anyway sky told me im getting 4 mbs now ive done speed checks and they say im hitting 2 and half there anyway i can speed up my router?re-flash?anything?
  15. H

    signal in loft

    Please help guys my boy in the loft doesnt get a wifi signal and is using all his data , what do i need to get him a strong signal , i have networking plugs up there so i do have the ethernet option for a extender repeater ... just dont know what to get with a £40 budget cheers guys
  16. B

    IPTV On Standby

    When you are streaming your IPTV sub on zgemma and put your box on standby (not deep standby) does the stream still play in the background until you switch the box back on?
  17. C

    Sly Broadband issues

    Had sly broadband in for over 2 years and never had an issue until last night, when suddenly the internet symbol started flashing orange and disappearing, repeating this process over and over. I turned it off and on which had it working again for a few minutes before doing the flashing and...
  18. j4v3d

    Virgin Media tells 800,000 users to change passwords over hub hacking risk

    Which? investigation reveals hackers could access home networks and devices using a Super Hub 2 router Virgin Media is advising more than 800,000 customers with a specific router to change their password immediately after an investigation found hackers could gain access to it. Virgin Media...
  19. frundlemud

    Sky SR hub router poor

    Hi, I have the older hub and this has a poor overall review, slow, outdated generally crappus. I thought to buy a Sky Q hub router from the bay for £30. (sky offer a upgrade for aroud £60+ postage.) Anything I should consider ? ta
  20. O

    Software to Measure Broadband Channel Traffic?

    Hi, I'm looking to change my router channel to see if I can squeeze out any extra bandwidth for my broadband. I had hoped to download a program for my laptop running Windows 7 or an app for my iPhone 6 (hopefully free) that would give me the information I require. Basically I want to scan the...