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Android Based Devices Reviews


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This thread is solely for members to post a review for a device they have or have had and their personal views on it's use.
It should be based on the following as basic information.
Do not post loads of specs as members can obtain these if needed but instead, should be a summary of the following.
Price range in 3 groups of less than £50............£51 to £80................and £81 plus
Ease of use including the remote.
Basic storage included and ability to increase it.
Speed of working/channel changing etc.
Version of Android it supports.
Does it support the basic apps especially downloader to install other iptv apps as some versions don't.
What was it's good points and bad points.
Are you still using it and would you buy it again.
Suggest one other device and an opinion that you would compare it to.
You can add/offer other information but don't waffle and keep it clear and concise.
DO NOT DO MULTIPLE REVIEWS ON THE SAME DEVICES or comments such as "i agree as i have that device! !
Multiple reviews will be allowed if you have different opinions/experiences to add.
If we find this is worthwhile then we may run the same for Enigma boxes.


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Amiko A6 4k uhd android box
Price £49.99
Comes with UK psu/hdmi/remote
Currently using this android box comes with
1gig ram 8/16 gig memory expandable via sd card/hdd
Supports android 7.1
Has web browser easy install tiny url if needed/filelinked ect.
WiFi enabled
Positives comes with mol app pre installed extra ir sensor
Remote is just like a TV remote.
Recording capability
Just ordered another 2
And currently using
Pros really user friendly for people to navigate. Partners/kids ect
Single press of iptv button and straight onto mol app
Bad point WiFi isnt/wasn't good as stop start(maybe because I didn't do software update).
Havnt tried since
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T95Q 4K UHD 9.0 Android
Price around £49.99
4gb ram 64gb rom expandable via sd card/hdd
1 High speed USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0
WIFI: 2.4g+5g

Google PlayStore/Web Browser/USB (sideload) options for easy installation of apps
WiFi & Ethernet

Pros - Simple to use. Holds internet connection/delivers good stable speed equally well over WiFi as wired. Side by side test with Formuler z7+ shows no discernible difference in picture quality. Tested with different IPTV apps and subs, runs all with ease even through a VPN.

Cons - The remote has a plasticky, cheap feel to it for that price of box, it's more like a firestick remote than a TV remote.

Comparison - Is every bit as capable of running IPTV as my Formuler Z7+ but the sub standard remote lets it down when navigating so not the same quality user experience, but priced well below that particular device.
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base model 2gb/16gb but also available as 4gb/32gb- expect to pay between £26-28 for this box
Android 9.0

Google playstore/Google chrome browser/USB inc usb 3.0 port
Wifi and ethernet ports

Pros- comes with smarters pro and stb emu pro so very simple to setup for a novice as you dont have to add these apks yourself.

Cons- as with most rock chip processor boxes can take a moment to switch between streams (albeit this is only noticeable if you have tried superior boxes or better CPUs such as allwinner or amlogic). Also, and again, this negative is not just for this box but across the board for rock chip-does NOT play all 4k videos.

Comparison-same as pretty much most boxes of same spec eg Q box.

Please note-X88 pro is now also available in s905x3 processor (although Openbox VX pro is not).. so this review in its raw format is specifically for X88 PRO Rock chip processor and all vx pro.

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OPENBOX VX PRO (also known as Tanix TX3 mini).
base model 1gb/8gb but also available as 2gb/16gb base model costs around £25
Android 7.1

Google playstore/Google chrome browser/USB ports
Wifi and ethernet ports

Pros-cheap box so wont break the bank, also really simple to use so a great starter box.

Negatives- no ota updates so stuck on a low Android version which will have to sideloak apks,can take ages to load stb emu up from a cold start.

Comparison- x96 mini is what I would probably say it this boxes direct competitor. and i would steer more towards that box as has a magic IR sensor also which means you can hide the box behind the TV
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TX6 ANDROID box (also known as Tanix tx6- tanix are the direct source of these boxes albeit when they sell them to different factories they remove their own brand name.

2gb/16gb base model... also available in 4gb/32gb and 64gb. 2gb model comes in at between 35-40£
Android 9.0

Google playstore/Google chrome browser/USB ports (1 usb 3.0 port included)
Wifi and ethernet ports

Pros- really nippy and quick, bluetooth and dual wifi included in models above the base model. plays 4k easily up to 30fps.

Negatives-base remote is a bit naff albeit can be upgraded to a more decent remote.

Comparison- this box performs similar to x96h which is from the same allwinner processor range in my opinion.
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2gb/16gb base model... also available in 4gb/32gb and 64gb. priced from £30-50 depending on the memory
Android 9.0
Google playstore/Google chrome browser/USB ports (1 usb 3.0 port included)
Wifi and ethernet ports

Pros- really easy to use menu system, simple to add other apps to the homescreen, icons are large and easy to use,

Negatives- have had a couple of these boxes where the launcher fails to launch/stops and you are also unable to go into settings in order to reset the box. A firmware flash via USB to USB and usb burning tool resolved the issue on each occassion but maybe one to watch. Have been advised by Wechip that a hardware revision has cured this issue and havent had any recent reports of this problem but calling it out nonetheless.

Comparison-direct comparison is x96 max plus which is very similar in price and slightly smaller. These both same share remote albeit firmware is different.


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1gb and 8gb model but also available with 2gb and 16gb. 2gb/16gb cost is around £25-28

android 10.0
Google playstore/Google chrome browser/USB ports (1 usb 3.0 port included)
Wifi and ethernet ports

Pros- latest android 10.0, rated as the best Android box at its price point by prominent Youtubers,Plays 4k content up to 24fps seamlessly,really small box.

Cons-cheap crappy remote,not available in 32gb or 64gb memory,


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The Nivida Sheild 2019 TV

You can not really call it a box more a tube but don't be fooled inside

2 gig ddr4 Ram
On board storage 8GB which can be expanded with a micro SD card.
processor Tegra x1

The sheild is currently running on android version 9.0 pie

It can run on both wireless channels 2.4ghz and 5.0 Ghz also has a gigabit lan port.

It updates playlists and epg pretty much instantly scrolling through channel lists is lightning fast changing from stream to stream is instant.

It currently supports 4k and upto 60 FPS for gaming

Other good points: 4k upscaling, Match frame rate feature, Dolby Atmos. You can install unsupported apps via downloader.

The control is a strange shape with only about 11 buttons but again don't be fooled it will still do the same as some of those controls with 30 buttons.

There are no real downsides of buying a sheild however, it can be quite rightly argued that it is overkill just to watch IPTV.

The sheild TV comes in at £150 however, if you are savy you can get one for around 135.

There is only one comparison to be made and that will be the sheild pro.
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Formuler z7+
Price around £90
2gb ram 8gb rom expandable via sd card/hdd
1 High speed USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0
Android 7.0 Operating System

Google PlayStore/Web Browser/USB (sideload) options for easy installation of apps
WiFi & Ethernet

Pros - Ease of use. Holds internet connection/delivers good stable speed equally well over WiFi as wired. Has it's own dedicated "MyTvonline" iptv app and can run all the other common iptv apps inc Smarters, ltq etc. Quality remote. Regular free OTA updates.

Cons - One of the older devices in the "Formuler" range of boxes now so maybe look at a more recently released box if buying new. Some IPTV resellers aren't familiar with the MyTvonline app and don't support it on their service.

Comparison - Is more user friendly than the T95Q I own (and reviewed on this thread) and handles higher quality streams that my zgemma h2s was struggling with. Never been a minute's trouble since I got it.


Anyone got a review on Amazon Firestick vs Android box? Some Streams are DTS encoded, do these boxes play Streams with DTS audio? A lot of mag boxes have issues with playing some audio streams.


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Price around £26.95
2gb ram 16gb rom expandable via sd card/hdd
1 High speed USB 3.0 and 1 USB 2.0

Google PlayStore/Web Browser/USB (sideload) options for easy installation of apps
WiFi & Ethernet

Pros - Runs the latest android 10.0 operating system which runs super fast. Solid, stable connection over both WiFi and wired connection. Comes with Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Kodi and many other apps pre-installed. Tested with different IPTV apps and subs, runs all with ease even through a VPN.

Cons - Haven't found any.

Comparison - At that price point it has to be compared to a firestick (none 4k version) but there really isn't a comparison. This box is head and shoulders better. Bought after seeing @The-Guru speak highly of them and have to say it exceeded all expectations.


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Approx £50
3gb RAM -32gb Rom expandable micro SD / USB drive ( Also available 2gb Ram - 16 gb Rom version)
Android 7.1

Allows google playstore / appinstaller pre installed.
generally use STB EMU pro for IPTV.

Easy to use and navigate, hexagon shaped box with a lighting strip which makes it look nice :LOL::LOL::LOL:
Been using them for years with no problems. Runs IPTV fine, streams using various apps without any issues.
Box is getting a bit old from it's first launch and more difficult to get hold of.

T95 (The newer box)
Approx £35
4gb RAM -32gb Rom expandable micro SD / USB drive
Android 10

Says it allows google playstore but I can't get it to download anything after signing in :cry::cry::cry:
Might just be me being a bit thick.

So.........Doesn't allow google playstore / App installer not installed.
Can get round this using apps from APK pure.
Install App installer first then use the site just like google playstore.

I don't think this is a big issue, it's more to do with the new Android 10 menu layout.

Been using one for about a month and similar to the older box, works fine just a bit more fiddly to set up first time around due to the new Android version.

I needed to take the annoying clicking noise off the menu selection too.
(Put pointer in mouse mode, press Vol Up then Vol Down, and then turn the volume down on the pointer)


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Buzztv Vidstick £69.99
Recently aqquired on simple to setup WiFi is spot on back-lit remote control Bluetooth does come with ir extender if needed 4k stick can have sd card in for extra memory or recording simple of use the buzztv app gives 3 options for mac based sub streaming line or m3u
Channel loading is instant same for zapping epg load time is quick.
Comes pre installed with aptiode for all other apps havnt used teamviewer pre installed.
The remote control has all main features you will need ie live tv vod epg single press of vod and loads vod.
You can set favourite channels vod series so they are on your home screen hide catagories not required.
And also has its own app downloader if you like to sideload apps
Simular layout to mytvonline and comes with travel bag(lol)

........... SPECS ARE BELOW...............
4K uhd
AC dual band WiFi 2.4ghz/5ghz
USB 3.0
2gb ddr4 ram
Android 9 (android TV platform) not mobile
4xcpu supports micro sd card

Compared at side of a 4k firestick have to say it beats it hands down on everything from load time to streaming iptv apps Netflix ect yes the 4k firestick is £50 and the vidstick is £69.99 can honestly say really is worth buying the buzztv vidstick
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Aero media nanomax 4gb ram 64gb Rom
Sold under Justop UK

4k uhd (claims 6k but yet to even see it)

Priced around £40 gbp maybe cheaper now

Pretty fast entry level android box
It is a clone of the Eachlink H6mini

Android 9 pie which is unofficial so no Netflix or Prime HD
WiFi 2/5g dual band. Ethernet ,Bluetooth
upgradeable storage 128gb(microSD) and more via USB stick.

2 x USB 2.0 ports and 1x 3.0 high speed USB

I've had this box for around a year now and it's never let me down, remote is pretty tacky so had to replace with a mini rii keyboard but since then it's been great.

Google play store
Aurora store , filelinked : Every app I've downloaded, sideloaded and installed runs smoothly and I go through a helluvva lot of apps.

Firefox/Chrome browsing:
Decent smooth action throughout web, pretty fast at loading pages though I must stress a mini keyboard/air mouse is a must, as is the case with most of these devices.

Gaming : I didn't really play too many games on this but I did have a game of sonic, then played some games like columns and golden axe. The kid then wanted the TV back and slagged off the "oldie graphics" compared to their Xbox. I was surprised this box could play games like that to be honest.

Video play
Iptv movies : I use mxplayer pro and vlc through my iptv app and mostly use vlc anyway for all the other stuff. Playback is good and image quality is crystal with the sound crisp. Just a bummer Netflix and prime aren't HD.
Easy to use, smooth navigation of menus. My iptv etc runs bang on on this device. If I could update this to the latest Android 10 or whatever I would as this is my daily driver.

Pros : small, compact portable with good speeds and storage space , easy to operate family friendly

Cons: sometimes it crashes and needs to be restarted, this doesn't happen that often,
I recently goosed it by attempting a modification which resulted in me needing to get original firmware. They couldn't supply original so gave me software for a t95 max instead (so I guess this is why it's crashing)

Overall, I suppose you get what you pay for. If you're willing to spend just that bit more then by all means go for it. But always shop around first guys and don't be afraid to ask before parting with your hard earned.
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My friend brought this box to my attention the other day. Newer one called Magicsee N6 plus. Has anyone used before and has a review? I usually go for boxes with actual Android TV (like MeCool) so I am curious how this one fares. The specs look good. Thanks all.