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Benefits and BT


BT offer a very cheap phone line and broadband package for people on certain benefits (I don't have time to check but feel free to edit mods)

This package is largely unadvertised, it comes under the BT Basic category.

If you call up to order the broadband you need to call a certain number and ask for a specific package, you then need to complete and return a form, this form usually gets lost when returned so you may need to call back and ask for the form to be resent for you to fill in again.

The number you call is 0800800864 iirc, the package you need to ask for is "BT Basic with 15gb broadband". The package breaks down as follows £5.10 for line rental per month, £4.85 for broadband per month. making it £9.95 per month.

I mentioned that this package is largely unadvertised and it is for a very good reason, the 15gb cap does not exist, BT do not charge you for going over the usage, meaning it's under £10 per month for unlimited broadband.

There are other bonuses to the package, so if you start actually using the landline (who even does that nowadays?) once you hit £10 of call charges you won't get charged any more, obviously you'd likely get charged for premium rate numbers I'd imagine but not the usual 01, 02, 03 or 07 numbers.

I also don't believe that BT do further checks on eligibility so you might end up on the deal for a while after resuming work. There is no contract for this package, so you cancel with 30 days notice, you might get charged for the modem though if you cancel within 12 months but an email to head office should sort that out. Best to keep it longer than 12 months, iirc there's also no line installation charge, or moving charge etc.

Hope it helps a few people.

Edit: probably important to mention that this is for standard up to 18mb broadband, so if you need ultrafast you'll probably need to look for a standalone fibre provider.

Also should probably mention that if you are credit checked and asked to make a deposit of £100 you can call back through and ask for just the phone line, the deposit then drops to £50, you can then add broadband once the line is active, BT won't credit check you again, BT charge a £50 deposit per product.l, so adding phone and broadband is £100, just the phone line is £50

Finally, there is a £10 del. charge added for the modem, one of those things.
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Also sorry for posting in General PC section, couldn't find a better forum, it might help quite a few people on the forum though, any questions I'll try to answer

inb4 ex-bt employee


Just been reading up on this thanks.
You can usually get BT Basic if you’re claiming one of the benefits below.
• IncomeSupport
• Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
• Pensions Credit (Guaranteed Credit)
• Employment and Support Allowance (income related)
• Universal Credit (and are on zero earnings)


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theres always these type of deals around. couple years back through money saving expert you could get with sky, half price landline and free unlimited broadband + £50 bill credit. ok so it was just the basic 17mb but still it worked out around £7 all in per month. router deliver was £7 and £20 new line install. still a bargin cos i did it, well worth.


Thanks for the reply southsimon, afaik this is a permanent and largely unadvertised deal for customers on specific benefits, the main point of the post was unlimited internet for under £10pm permanently, no contract either, add in the potentially unlimited calls for an additional £10pm and the deal still works out almost cheaper than just line rental on its own usually.


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yeah but who uses landline these days, gone with the dark ages lol. my point was theres always deals around no matter which way you look at it. I get your point total, hope you get mine lol.