Bouquets duplicating and changing after box does auto scan in morning


Hi all can someone help with this problem its driving me nuts lol when i sort my bouquets with echannelizer and get them in the order i want i am using zgemma hs2 with woosh 7 when i get up and turn box on next day its has done its daily scan but has not only duplicated the original bouquets it has also put them back in the original order they were in before me swapping them around,and today i turned on box and i have like a 100 bouquets lol have searched the forum and googled it but can not find an answer to this question,if anyone can help it would be much appreciated


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try creating your own bouquets and then re order the bouquets by pressing the tv button on the remote and then press the menu button and select enable move mode. Then move the bouquets into the order you want.

I've never used echannelizer so guessing really

Alternatively disable the abm daily update


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Using WB7 on the H2S will be Autobouquets E2 so:
Green button -> Select the plugin: Autobouquets E2 -> Menu -> Scheduled scan (I think) set this to NO.

Press green to save.