1. L

    It is posible change firmware on op3nbox v8s

    Hello lot of time ago I found on Chinese site about change original firmware to different one it is possible openbox v8s
  2. K

    SD card booting H9.2s with open ATV

    Anyone got a guide on how to boot from an sd card on the Zgemma h9.2s with open atv ? Cheers
  3. G


    Oright people av installed wooshbuild a really liked it etc bit then a installed atv 6.3 on its own installed a few plugin . then installed abm 3.1 from the plugin menu from system plugin but when you use the plugin it onlky gives you option to select region so ive set my regiong tae glesga bit...
  4. W

    Zgemma H7C Backup_03Jun2019_Wooshbuild Infinity_VM2 HD Skin_Open ATV 6.2_Softcam Feed (Ccam, Mgcamd) 1.0

    I've received a fair amount of help, and I've really put other people's work together and made it work for myself Most of this work isn't my doing, however an "almost complete" backup image would probably help people. This is a backup image for a dual DVB-C tuner. If using only one, you may need...
  5. H

    Box jittery on 1080p 60fps

    Hi there ive had my zgemma h9s for a while now and i notice its very jittery on any channel at 1080p 60fps even on a sat channel to make sure it wasnt my line for iptv. But if i select 2160p 30fps because my tele is 4k it now seems smooth very smooth . but my sports channels are in 50fps so id...
  6. K

    Enigma 2 device or Formuler Z8. IPTV only

    Upgrading from my Mag box as want a smoother UI layout. Should i bother with an Engima 2 device as i am only going to be using it for iptv and have heard the formuler z8 has a great mytvonline 2 app. What do people think ?. I like the sly look on engima 2 devices but are they hard to set...
  7. C

    Enigma2 cable receiver recommendation

    Hi all I have a VU+ Duo2 up and running with a cable tuner installed and a Vermin line. It all works like a dream; kudos to all on here who helped me :sunglasses: I am looking for recommendations on a new box with cable tuner but more of a budget version. I could get a USB turbo tuner from...
  8. L

    WooshBuild zGemma H7S WB Infinity EPG ISSUES

    Hi all, Last week or so I added a secondary backup service to my H7S box running WB infinity. My EPG used to be fantastic and worked 100% however the last week I've had a strange issue I cannot resolve and now need help from someone who knows a lot more than me! Issue: EPG I have a mix of FTA...
  9. NKidd_14

    Zgemma h2h help -00- green light

    Hi, sorry I’m new to the game. I got a Zgemma H2H and installed wooshbuild v7 yesterday. Today I’m getting the following error -00- with a green light. Can someone help please? (Sorry if this is an easy fix or if it’s already answered, trying to get used to the site)
  10. NKidd_14

    Zgemma h2h help -00- green light

    Hi, sorry I’m new to the game. I got a Zgemma H2H and installed wooshbuild v7 yesterday. Today I’m getting the following error -00- with a green light. Can someone help please? (Sorry if this is an easy fix or if it’s already answered, trying to get used to the site)
  11. L

    Latest image for ZGEMMA-STAR S boxes

    Hey folks, lots of confusing information out there, but can anyone point me in the direction of the latest Openvix (or alternative) software with the SkyHD type setup? I tried one this morning and it crashed the box so took ages but managed to restore it to the old Sucmnsee image for now, any...
  12. G

    Need a box like sly+ hd that needs just a coax cable and dish to work as work on a ship is there anything out there

    Need help looking for a box which is similr to sly+ hd which only needs the coax cble and dish to work. I work on ship and was going to take my sly hd with me but i recently changed to sly q.
  13. S

    Zgemma h2s

    Hi, new to this so bear with me. I have a zgemma h2s running open atv 6.2 newly installed just before Christmas. The shop told me not to download any updates as this will mess it up. Box is showing 144 updates available. Why should I not download them. Thanks
  14. W

    Cable Zgemma H7C Image, and SKin?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy this, and I'd like a VM style skin, but easy enough to use. I'm not sure where I go for that? I imagine there's certain images to download too? Thanks
  15. D

    Two subs on one box

    Hello, Got my first zgemma box and it appears to be running fairly well. Got Freesat and IPTV showing. Just got a couple of issues that some guidance would be great on. My provider has given me a suls E2 generator to get my script from to load my sub onto my box. This works fine. However I...
  16. S

    HD51 4K Advice on next box

    Hi I’ve had a Zgemma h2.s for 2 years and looking for the next box. Use is FTA channels and IPTV. Have always had my eye on the hd51, is this still a strong box for the money? Or is the new hd60 better?
  17. R

    Open atv 6.2, VPN plugin, zgemma h2s.

    Hi, can any one tell me how to install the plugin for digibit VPN on the zgemma h2s running openatv 6.2? I have searched in the plugin download menu on my zgemma h2s and the plugin is not in there. Everyone seems to say go to the wooshbuild section in the plugin download menu, but I don't have a...
  18. S

    Zgemma h9 OpenVIX- Used for EUROpean channels any tips

    NOOB below here!!! Hi I'm getting a Zgemma h9 for my family friend who watches European channels, mostly Spanish TV/Channels. I will be hooking up their European satellite and terrestrial UK TV to the Zgemma Twin tuner and i was wondering any advice on installing some extra channels. IPTV if...
  19. §

    IPTV Zgemma HS9 - Channels switching stops channels working

    Hi All, Bit of a random issue but wondering if any one has any ideas. I have a zgemma hs9. When i am switching channels sometimes all IPTV just stops. No pattern unfortunately. Leaving it for a while it and come back it seems to work. One thing i have noticed at the same time my iPhone app...
  20. M

    OpenWebIf weird remote display

    Hello, with a Zgemma H.2H, openATV 6.2, Wooshbuild, When I open OpenWebIf remotely from the PC using the IP address, I have a weird display (see picture). I use Chrome, but same thing with Internet Explorer or Firefox, so that is the Zgemma end with the issue. OpenWebIf was displaying fine...