1. D

    Two subs on one box

    Hello, Got my first zgemma box and it appears to be running fairly well. Got Freesat and IPTV showing. Just got a couple of issues that some guidance would be great on. My provider has given me a suls E2 generator to get my script from to load my sub onto my box. This works fine. However I...
  2. S

    HD51 4K Advice on next box

    Hi I’ve had a Zgemma h2.s for 2 years and looking for the next box. Use is FTA channels and IPTV. Have always had my eye on the hd51, is this still a strong box for the money? Or is the new hd60 better?
  3. R

    Open atv 6.2, VPN plugin, zgemma h2s.

    Hi, can any one tell me how to install the plugin for digibit VPN on the zgemma h2s running openatv 6.2? I have searched in the plugin download menu on my zgemma h2s and the plugin is not in there. Everyone seems to say go to the wooshbuild section in the plugin download menu, but I don't have a...
  4. S

    Zgemma h9 OpenVIX- Used for EUROpean channels any tips

    NOOB below here!!! Hi I'm getting a Zgemma h9 for my family friend who watches European channels, mostly Spanish TV/Channels. I will be hooking up their European satellite and terrestrial UK TV to the Zgemma Twin tuner and i was wondering any advice on installing some extra channels. IPTV if...
  5. §

    IPTV Zgemma HS9 - Channels switching stops channels working

    Hi All, Bit of a random issue but wondering if any one has any ideas. I have a zgemma hs9. When i am switching channels sometimes all IPTV just stops. No pattern unfortunately. Leaving it for a while it and come back it seems to work. One thing i have noticed at the same time my iPhone app...
  6. M

    OpenWebIf weird remote display

    Hello, with a Zgemma H.2H, openATV 6.2, Wooshbuild, When I open OpenWebIf remotely from the PC using the IP address, I have a weird display (see picture). I use Chrome, but same thing with Internet Explorer or Firefox, so that is the Zgemma end with the issue. OpenWebIf was displaying fine...
  7. G

    Please help for a Newbie!!

    Hi there i had my mate install OPEN ATV On a ZGEMMA H9S I bought he installed all the things i wanted but when it came to the skin it didnt work pictures below but when i install the skin on wooshbuild it works please help __ menu is skinned but EPG Isnt please help me. PLEASE GO ALL THE WAY...
  8. G

    Best Settings

    Hi there ive just got my new ZGEMMA H9S but i have a few questions question 1 - should i just install atv then slap a sky skin over it or install wooshbuild question 2 - im going to try IPTV And CCcam wich is better am i able to use both CCcam for sat channels andf IPTV For the rest. Ive had...
  9. carbo

    help required on EPG bouquets navigation?

    just uploaded wooshbuild v 10 and extreme editor (not sure which runs the bouquets) , on my zgemma H7s. got it working and took a 24 hr trial. problem I have is I cannot move across the bouquets left - right using the "next" and "prev" buttons on the remote -in the sky skin - using Chabs...
  10. I


    Hi there I've just got A ZGEMMA H9S But I've got a question. When I play channels through my sky box they seem smoother , STV On the Sky box is smooth But STV On the H9S Is 25FPS. Why is a sat channel locked to 25FPS ?
  11. R

    Back again...

    Hi guys. Not been on the site for a while(since my virgin got cut off from the cabinet). Seen a few threads stating that some satellite lines still broadcast BeeTee sports. Is this true? If so, I could fire up my old zgemma and would stop me from having to pay for a BeeTee subscription. Any help...
  12. carbo

    New member - needs some constructive advice on which Box?

    HI hope you can help as i have just joined and spent a lot of time seqrching threads tryong to decipher the terminiology and advice that is shared here. Ideally I would value anyone who has experience of both the mag box and the Zgemma box themselves to get an unbiased opinion. I know some...
  13. P

    Zgemma H9T - XE VPN

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H9T box and with all of the isp blocks going on today, I've decided to add VPN to my box via the XE VPN plugin. I have VM internet. I've added my NordVPN credentials and it says VPN is connected but I dont seem to get any channels while the VPN is connected. With the VPN...
  14. O

    H9S SD CARD Compatibility

    Hello guys, I am planning to purchase Micro-SD for the box to install image on + plugins I found Kingston SDCR/32GBSP with 100MB/s Read, 80MB/s Write speeds Which is good for the receiver to act like its internal flash Can you advise if it is compatible with the card reader of Zgemma H9S ?
  15. T

    Swap external hard drive on H2S

    Hi all, I currently have a 500gb external hard drive hooked up to my zGemma H2S, which is running Wooshbuild 7.0. I'm looking to switch the external drive for a bigger one (4tb). Is there a good step by step guide on how to do this in order to have a seamless transition, so as not having to...
  16. O


    Hello, OpenATV 6.2 Latest Version comes with Softcam Panel built-in or I need to install it manual from plugins menu ? If there is any better alternative way please tell ! Thanks,
  17. B


    Hi guys just wondering if anyone has lost all there virmin channels a my box has gone blank im now starting to wonder if its my line that has expired or if there is an issue i have h2h zgemma running infinity, thanks guys
  18. S

    Zgemma H2H with Grobuild freerange not working

    Hi all, I have a zgemma H2H with Grogbuild freerange and a virmin line all working absolutely fine. A friend of mine wanted to have the same so he bought a h2h box and gave it to me to set up at my house. I tried a few builds etc but just never got it working right so last night I reflashed...
  19. D

    MagBox VS Zgemma. Advice/Opinions wanted!

    hi all Have an open thread in General Chat on best options/peoples opinions on MagBox’s VS Zgemmas for use soley with IPTV sub. http://www.techkings.org/threads/advice-needed-magbox-vs-zgemma-general-questions.146633/ Any advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  20. D

    Advice needed! MagBox vs Zgemma & general questions!

    hi all Firstly apologies if this is posted in the wrong section - covering a couple of subjects so thought it was best in general chat! Im currently using the SmartIPTV app on my LG TV (model: 65SJ810V). App runs perfect but has no EPG (tv guide) and can’t record through it so have decided to...