1. L

    Zgemma H9.2S died? White logo

    Good evening all, After I came back from my holiday I turned back all electric devices at home. Before I switched everything off I forgot to press white switch on my zgemma. Device show always white led, it's clearly not booting. No hdmi signal, I tried to restart several times according to...
  2. V

    I55 crashed red white light flashing

    My i55 plus crashed the other day so i decided to reflash with OpenATV 6.4 a process i have done many times only this time once the front light flashes red/white i know its loading and after a few minutes the OpenATV splash screen appears then disappears and screen remains blank with a slight...
  3. J

    Where to download

    hi any link where i can download lastest openatv for zgemma and dm900hd
  4. J

    Zgemma H9 Combo

    Hi there I have owned a Zgemma h9 combo for past 1.5 yrs. recently it’s started to repeat the IPTV stream and crash. I’ve done a reflash via the recovery option of switching it off then turning on with standby held. Anyone any suggestions please
  5. djsx

    format my H3-2tc

    hi someone free to help me format my H3-2tc ive tried using putty and onto a memory stick have not used for years got it out the loft if someone is free that would be great thanks
  6. N

    Changing zgemma h2h up grade

    Hi i have a zgemma h2h and a fire stick. Im looking to upgrade the zgemma. To something newer. Been waiting for the new zgemma h10 combo. But has been put on hold for to long and looking to change now. I know there is the h92h se or h7s. What else is there in around the same price and speck or...
  7. M

    Zgemma box stuck on A H9S

    Hi box stuck on ,,, A ,,, tried 4 usb nothing will flash box also cant get into ip address,,, is this prob what they call bricked ,,appreciate any help thanks
  8. NKidd_14

    Cable Help Reflashing H7C

    Hi guys, after a bit of help here please. My old mans Zgemma H7C had an issue where when he turned it on, it got stuck on -49- , i had a look on here and saw that it required a reflash. So, i formatted the usb and added open vix 5.4.009, inserted it in the back and pressed the white button...
  9. Ferret.

    Outdated mgcamd.1.46_1.0-r3_all.ipk Mips & Arm 2021-03-25 mgcamd.1.46_1.0-r3_all.ipk Mips & Arm 2021-03-25

    This has been updated HERE.
  10. P


    Hi, Looking for some help with flashing my new H9 TWIN. I cannot for the life of me find an OpenATV image that flashes my box correctly. On my old h2h it was a case of downloading from OpenATV nightly. Extract the zip. Copy Zgemma folder to USB. Plug in USB and easy days to flash the box...
  11. P

    Looking for help for Chabs SkyQ Skin!

    Hi. Looking for anyone that has a resolution to this issue with the Chabs SkyQ skin on OpenATV?? After opening the EPG, I press the TV button to get bouqets list and it is overlaying the epg. It looks as though it is supposed to be in the empty space on the left? Pic for attention.
  12. M

    zgemma h2s picture freeze

    HI all what is the best player for eye pee TV for zgemma i get a picture freeze every 5mins or so and soon as you change channel & back its working, however it does not happen using Android device/apps. I like the interface on zgemma. I have tried the following. reflash 6.4open atv create...
  13. S

    Openatv 6.4 install from scratch?

    I'm currently running openatv 6.2 on a zgemma h9.2s and can't use E2i player and need to update to 6.4. On the box it seems I can only get 6.3 and when trying to download it I get an error saying "image to install is invalid". Any help would be appreciated.
  14. S

    E2i player install from scratch.

    I'm running the 2019 version of the E2i player and can't find how to update anywhere. Can someone please help me in setting up the newest version from scratch?
  15. N

    Zgemma h7s (new box) setup won’t flash from usb

    25 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 Hi thanks for the add. ive searched the forum but can’t find any simple instruction the flash and setup the box (probably due to the ago of the box) and was wondering if somebody could help? ive opened openatv and found the downloadable files and copied them...
  16. S

    Add IPTV M3U url wooshbuild

    I recently installed wooshbuild onto my H9s and was trying to add my m3u url onto it but failed to add it. My iptv supplier also gave me an engima 2 link but wasn't told how to set it up. Any help would be appreciated?
  17. J

    WooshBuild New Zgemma H9.2S setup?

    Would someone please help me in setting up my brand new zgemma h9.2s. This is my first zgemma box and need someone to set it up for me /guide me in setting it up. Want to be able to use sly skins on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. J

    New Zgemma H9.2S setup?

    Would someone please help me in setting up my brand new zgemma h9.2s. This is my first zgemma box and need someone to set it up for me /guide me in setting it up. Want to be able to use sly skins on it. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. J

    New Zgemma H9.2S setup??

    I bought a zgemma h9.2s today off amazon and want to know what to do before it arrives in relation to USB downloads & setup. This is my first zgemma set top box so am a novice with this. Also is h9.2s just a better version of the h.9?
  20. Kaiserheidi

    Express vpn on zgemma

    Hi anyway of setting up express vpn on zgemma I have been told by my supplier for iptv that due to isps now have new way to block service so keep losing tv when football starts and nothing he can do about it Im on virmin Any advice would be greatly appreciated