1. M

    Zgemma "no signal" with samsung smart tv

    I recently purchased the zgemma h9s and a 2020 samsung tv, i'm getting a "no signal" msg on the tv - tried changing resolution etc and different hdmi cables/ports there is a workaround whereby i connect the zgemma into my xbox one x, and the xbox into the tv - but i dont prefer this as the...
  2. J

    Zgemma help for a newbie

    Hello all, I was wondering if somebody could help. Basically, I bought a fully loaded Zgemma H9S box, and I can't seem to get any channels to play video/audio. They appear, and the EPG works, but the channels itself don't actually play. I live in a block of flats which have communal internet -...
  3. R

    IPTV lagging using suls

    Hi, I have a zgemma h9 twin running openatv 6.4 wooshbuild infinity, I have used suls to add the channels as bouquets. I keep having to go up and down channel when the stream begins to lag. I changed the type to 5002 in the suls plugin and then installed serviceapp and changed It to...
  4. V

    Zgemma H2s motorised problem

    Hi, I’m wondering if anyone can offer some guidance trying to run a motor with a zgemma h2s. I currently have; Zgemma h2s 12v 5a PSU Technomate 2200 motor Technomate Eco Quad LNB (only 2 ports connected at the moment) I have set the tuner up as; Simple Positioner Long: 2.50 Lat: 53.5 I...
  5. thegil

    Oscam Instructions/Guide/Setup/CABLE V2

    Hopefully an idiots guide to setting up Oscam Zgemma and possibly other build/devices. (CABLE)
  6. S

    H2S - Install HRTunerProxy help! Updating Ipab also!

    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. How do I got about installing HRTunerProxy on my zgemma h2s running ipab? I haven't used my h2s in ages so thought I'd make use of it. Is my ipab up-to-date? How do I go about updating or checking? How do I find and install HRTunerProxy on my...
  7. GaryBhoy91

    Virmin Down On Zgemma

    Looking for any info you guys have on Virmin being down on Zgemma, been down last couple of days and supplier has said they've heard that some boxes may need a update to a different build Anyone know of this problem and know how to solve it? Cheers
  8. C

    Cable ZGEMMA H7C Stops recognising HDD

    I am using ZGEMMA H7C running OpenATV Wooshbuild 7. Recently I am running into a constant problem. My H7C suddenly stops recognising external HDD. It automatically changes all recording folders and Mounts from HDD/Media/ to /dev/sda and the Only way is to unmount HDD then re initialise HDD...
  9. T

    ZGemma beginner help!

    Hi guys, I have recently bought a ZGemma H.2s box. I have managed to flash wooshbuild onto it. Now I’m wondering how I get the iptv playlist onto my box along with the guide? I have the M3u link from my iptv supplier. I have a flash drive. Also have putty downloaded onto the laptop. can anyone...
  10. W

    New box

    Ho guys looking for opinions/help have a h5.2tc box is starting to play up not finding hdd and usb freezing lots when going through menu. need a cable box preferably twin tuner . so far reasonable price i have seen gigablue x2 can pick your tuners. any help would be appreciated.
  11. al dae it pal

    Is there a better box for the money ?

    Hi . Am currently using the zgemma H9S 4k box . But want a box with virgin media connections . Budget around £150-£200 Was thinking zgemma H7C or is there a better box ? . Any input welcome cheers .
  12. M

    Best cheap transcoding box

    I'm looking to buy a box purely for streaming to my android tv in another property, my android phone and potentially my brother's tv and phone as well, probably using dream Player and dream Player for tv, all over the internet. This will sit in my attic, directly connected to my router. From my...
  13. R

    Zgemma xtreamtv problem

    Hi, got a new sub (not going well) I am using putty login in via telnet to copy and paste xtreamtv link, it says successful, box restarts but then I’m getting the following error move reflashed about 6 times to try and get it to work and I’m having no luck! Just so you know how I flash ( in...
  14. W

    All channels freezing

    Hi guys, Having an issues were all my channels have suddenly started to stutter in 00002 net id. Channels i have never had an issue with like the sports are freezing. Nothing in my setup has changed and i have checked all connection to make sure no loose connections. Have reflashed both boxes...
  15. R

    Alternative for Sly Sports - now ZGemma VM SkySports channels are gone

    Now that Zgemma is gone, I am looking at cost efficient alternatives to get Sky Sports (not iptv cause its awful). One thing I am thinking is getting SkySports mobile subscription on my iPhone for £6 a month which is quite reasonable. However I want to put it on a big screen / or tv to watch the...
  16. R


    Hi, I’m trying to freesat on my box, but when I search channels it’s only searching 80, and they are random channels, no bbc channel 4 itv etc etc basically all I was hoping for was free basic sky channels/virgin/free view
  17. R

    Zgemma catch up tv

    Afternoon, How do I set up catch up tv? Got Zgemma H9.2S , open atv 6.3 and latest version of wooshbuild. When I click xtreameditor it says “no tv-archive found for this channel” Thanks in advanced!
  18. R

    Losing my head.

    Bought a brand new zgemma h9s.2 and a brand new usb stick, I’ve installed open atv 6.3 to the box followed by wooshbuild via terminal and when I click next from infinity set up to finalise installation, I click on the usb and then initialise and then I keep getting this error. I have reflashed...
  19. S

    ZGemma sports not working

    Hi, my first post so please go easy. I have a zgemma box in the UK, only basic channels currently working so no sky sports or BT sports, I tried to get a trial sorted for IPTV, the guy via remote attempted to do this via putty. However he said on the root my box has a password which I need to...
  20. stonopoly

    HRTunerProxy - Zgemma running Latest Wooshbuild

    HRTunerProxy - Zgemma H2.S running Latest Wooshbuild Anyone know if this plugin still works? I am unable to find it in the list of downloadable plugins. I have tried to install it manually through FTP, but i am not 100% sure how to do this? Obviously if the plugin no longer works this would...