Satellite Box advice


I’m after a new box, moving up from a h2.s, for a sat box with IPTV use.

I originally looked at the mutant hd51 but someone mentioned the h7s being similar spec.

Are these a good stable box?
Also, is the h7 better than h9? Spec wise the h9 has quad core, does that matter?



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The H7S is on a par with the HD51 in terms of speed and has 2 x sat tuners, the standard H9 has only one tuner.
The H7 is a great box for the money.


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I am looking to finally upgrade to a combined Kodi/Iptv/sat box - I don't need 4k but I would like 2 sat inputs and 1 digital tv input. pref with in built wifi and if possible a decent sized hard drive - I have looked at the z gemma H7S and other than inbuilt wifi it seems to fit the bill - but I noticed the adverts from Krull - perhaps that's a good option? I don't need it tomorrow but would look to buy in 2 or 3 weeks so if anyone knows of anything new coming to the market within that time scale then please let me know?