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    Best replacement for zgemma h2h

    Hey all. Need some help movin with the times. I have 3 zgemma h2h. I run my satellite saorview and IPTV off it. Can anyone recommend a suitable replacement that will run satellite saorview and IPTV. What is new boxes is out there or maybe new version zgemma?? Tha
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    Epg data missing or poor

    Hi, Using wooshbuild on a H7s. EPG data seems poor with generic descriptions of programmes, or no descriptions. Have I missed some changes as EPG data used to be quite good? It is set to update every morning with EPG importer. Any help appreciated.
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    Zgemma h7s (new box) setup won’t flash from usb

    25 minutes ago Add bookmark #1 Hi thanks for the add. ive searched the forum but can’t find any simple instruction the flash and setup the box (probably due to the ago of the box) and was wondering if somebody could help? ive opened openatv and found the downloadable files and copied them...
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    Satellite EPG with IPTV using XE Plugin - help needed

    Hello, Ive used XE plugin to load iptv bouquets on many many zgemma models starting at 2s and above for almost 5 years now back as far as beta versions My method is to flash with openatv and load wooshbuild using terminal... I then add the XE plugin using the terminal commands. In the XE...
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    WooshBuild Zgemma H7S Install Blue Screen Crash Loop

    Hey, Hope someone can help me out. Bought a Zgemma H7S. Put in 500GB Hard Drive. Loaded Wooshbuild Infinity through Terminal as recommended. Now it loads to 90 goes to easy setup screen. Crashes blue screen and repeats. Not sure what to do at this stage. Thanks.
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    Satellite H7 SOFTCAMS GUIDE

    Had issues with box and had to restart, and having the exact same issues with softcams as i had a few months ago. reading the last few threads on here it seems that there is still confusion over this box being ARM and what to use. ive tried: downloaded softcams from resource and installed...
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    Cable Help flashing

    H7c, wooshbuild infinity. Been running for a few months problem free until I get the recurring”WB” symbol every 30 secs, that stops everything working. I got no replies to this in whoosh section so am trying to flash my backup. My stick is formatted etc correctly but no matter how I try, I...
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    Satellite H7s Hdd keeps running up

    Hi Had the H7s for just over a month and love it. Running whooshbuild infinity. And have a hdd installed internally. The hdd seems to run up every few minutes, even when just watching tv. I thought it could have been epg related but this only runs once in the morning and the issue happens when...
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    Satellite H7s network resetting

    Hi I have a H7s running whoosh infinity. I’m on virgin fibre and I’m a vpn on my box. The way to run the vpn (as virgin don’t like VPN’s) is to set the network up with DHCP as yes and then google dns. This has worked for over a year, but now most days this seems to reset to DHCP=no, this...
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    Satellite H7s, free to air, cable and IPTV!

    Hi Thanks to all the replies ive had so far and the H7s has been bought. I have vm fibre so now know I can split the signal, so first time vermin attempted! I want to use the sat connections as normal and just have the one cable connection, as I will still use an IPTV sub. I am installing whoosh...
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    Cable connection?

    I’ve had VM fibre only, for over a year. I’ve just bought a H7s so have a cable tuner, if I connect this up (presumably to the router?) and get a test line will it work? I read a long time ago that unless I had tv in the past the connection won’t be “live”?
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    Satellite Box advice

    I’m after a new box, moving up from a h2.s, for a sat box with IPTV use. I originally looked at the mutant hd51 but someone mentioned the h7s being similar spec. Are these a good stable box? Also, is the h7 better than h9? Spec wise the h9 has quad core, does that matter? Thanks
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    Satellite oscam and H7S

    Can anyone confirm if oscam-emu is available in softcam plugins (openvix) and does the H7S have pip? Thanks
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    Wooshbuild Infinity Satellite and Saorview on Zgemma H7S

    Hi All, I have been searching quite a lot but I can't seem to find a solution. Under the Select how you receive live TV channels section when selecting the "Via standard TV aerial for Soarview & satellite" option when installing Wooshbuild Infinity after selecting the scan it gives the...
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    Satellite Anyone recommend this box Zgemma H7S

    Hi, i'm looking to upgrade my old faithfull h2s as it seems to find some iptv a bit of a struggle. I still use the twin sat tunners for freesat and recording, I also like the skins available on the h2s so was wondering if this box would suit ? Any other suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
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    Satellite Pause iptv with Wooshbuild on H7s?

    As the title suggests is there a way to pause IPTV when watching Live TV, VOD or using Xtream? I can pause when viewing the fta channels on non IPTV beaquets, but oddly not via iptv means. IPTV was loaded via Suls. External hard drive of 500gb, mounted, swap file of 256mb and timeshift and...
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    Satellite internet problems with h7s

    Hello, i need some help with my zgemma h7s ive just bought it i flashed it with ipab set it all up working great, then when i turn it off at the wall and turn it back on it wont connect back to the internet i have wired connection, i use a power line adapter into a ethernet hub then into the...