Buffering Blue Circle MXQ And T95s1


I've got two android boxes., a mxq pro and a t95s1 with 1gb and 2gb respectively, using it for iptv but live sporting streams are a massive problem, after 5 or ten minutes i get the blue circle reconnecting in 5 seconds thing and football matches are unwatchable as is F1, i've got sly fibre max and samsung smart tv, it does the same whether wireless or ethernet, done the usual restarting router, emptying cache, closing down apps but still no joy, does this sound like i need a better box or is it a sly issue?
Any input greatly appreciated


Have you tried using VPN,what is your reception like on other channels do you get buffering then or is it limited to footy and formula 1,have you got Sly's safety shield on /off Is your provider normally trouble free


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don't have a vpn, I don't really use it for anything but footy and boxing, seems ok on films if i have them on, noticed today my wireless seems to disconnect every 20 or so minutes but only on the android boxes, haven't got sly shield on


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How did you load your app onto box you go into settings tyrn apps from unknown sources on and adb debugging on download downloader if your supplier sent a tiny url for their app type that in downloader and download install open app login if username and password job done