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Buying a second hand gaming pc for 14 yr old - help!


my son wants a pc for Christmas - he’s currently playing PS4 (fighting type games) but wants to move to pc. I’ve been offered the following but want to know what people think of the components and how much I should be paying :

processor/cpu Intel i5 4690
motherboard MSI Z97-G43
memory GB Corsair Vengence blue 1600mhz
graphics card AMD RX480
main drive Sandisk 120gb SSD
storage WD 500GB hard drive

full clean install of windows 10 home edition
Whole machine is blue and white themed.

Any help or feedback gratefully received - buying the monitor/keyboard/mouse separately



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The price of the components you have listed would be around £650-£700 brand new, plus the operating system, case and the cost of it being built. How old is it? How much are you being offered it for?


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Should roughly be worth £250 - £325 dependant on what power supply is being used and amount of memory being fitted etc my son bought all his parts new for his set up with fully modulated psu and a larger ssd but he wanted to fit a high graphics card to play on max settings etc it really comes to to budget at the end of the day but a half decent pre built should play games ok


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I've gone through the same thing and my son is just coming up 14 in feb. I've ended up buying a new pc built at cclonline. I live close to them and when to the shop and it a great place with lots to see. I can tell you that I paid £650.00 plus vat. (company help with that). With a new build with them you get a 3 years parts and labour warranty. I bought a razen 5 1600, asus mother board, 8gb hyperfury ram, 1tb hard drive and 128gb ssd. The palit graphics card 1060 6gb was expensive and we put it in a red glowing case and added an optical drive. and with the motherboard I got a couple of free full priced games also.