hard drive

  1. stevesmiff

    Disk is not writeable

    My Zgemma H9 Twin has started displaying the message: "Can't continue recording. Disk full? Disk is not writeable!" I have 60% space left on HD so not a space issue. This popped up while watching a program so assumed it was the timeshift failing. I then also noticed my timers were not...
  2. Jerboa

    Hard drive recommendation for a NAS system

    I have a netgear Nas system with 2 x WD 3tb drives, which I've had for some time now, looking to either replace them for larger drives, or buy a new Nas with more drive bays, looking online for compatable drives, at 6tb or 8tb, but from reading some reviews on amazon, they have negative feedback...
  3. T

    Swap external hard drive on H2S

    Hi all, I currently have a 500gb external hard drive hooked up to my zGemma H2S, which is running Wooshbuild 7.0. I'm looking to switch the external drive for a bigger one (4tb). Is there a good step by step guide on how to do this in order to have a seamless transition, so as not having to...
  4. B

    Recovery Software

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for recovery software .... I accidently put an operating system on a hard drive by accident and I've lost all me photos and basically 10 years of work. .... I'm at the desperate stage now lol .... Any help would be brilliant Barney
  5. P


    Desperate for some help here, I have a toshiba satellite c50d-B-120, and I cannot get past the hdd password. I have been through all the posts on here and just about everywhere else on the net, and cannot find the answer. I followed all instructions to pipe the supervisor password and such, but...
  6. jazz

    Windows 7 New hard drive causing problems?

    I installed a new backup hard drive a few weeks ago, a Seagate Firecuda hybrid drive. The drive worked fine for around a week and I had a system lockup which required powering off the system. Since then I have problems, random times the computer will not power down also takes ages to boot up. If...
  7. dsayers2014

    PS4 Update ps4 hard drive.

    I haven't used my ps4 for about a year now due to loosing pad I've brought a new one today but now I have loads of updates and it's complaining about not enough space. Can anyone recommend a cheap harddrive preferably around 1tb? I've seen...
  8. djsx

    been hacked on my laptop

    hi guys think ive been hacked on my external HD my photos are blocked with this [unlockmeplease@cock.li all my photos and music say that HRM files how can I unlock this with a software maybe its a HRM FILE also says DECRYPT_INFORMATION then when I click on that I get HERMES 2.1 RANSOMWARE...
  9. P

    Windows 10 Cloning Windows Hard Drive using a Mac

    Guys, wasn't sure where to post this. I'm looking to clone a windows hard drive to a fresh hard drive using my Mac It's just I don't have a clean copy of windows to install onto the fresh hard drive it's for my old windows laptop that I would like to use again. Thanks PB
  10. J

    Windows 10 HP laptop, windows 10 cant factory reset?

    Hi Guys, looking for a wee bit of advice, Have a HP laptop, windows 10, cant factory reset, It is only 32 gig, and hard drive is full, It will not let me into settings, have to right click, to get a menu, to turn off, only info I can find on net, is repeat hitting f11, but that does not work...
  11. G

    Buying a second hand gaming pc for 14 yr old - help!

    my son wants a pc for Christmas - he’s currently playing PS4 (fighting type games) but wants to move to pc. I’ve been offered the following but want to know what people think of the components and how much I should be paying : processor/cpu Intel i5 4690 motherboard MSI...
  12. H


    Hi guys just wondering what the value of this pc is please.Both the CPU and GPU have high benchmarks and the 2 monitors are worth £120 each.The seller is asking for £1000 for the lot Thanks
  13. B

    Technomate Twin 4K Overheating??????

    Hi Guys Anyone with a Technomate Twin4K find that its extremely hot to touch? I took its temperature with a baby's thermometer. It read over 90 degrees on the top side. The bottom feels even hotter!! This cannot e normal or is it? Its brand new and cane with a HD fitted by W.O.S. See attached...
  14. StrawDog

    syslog watcher and attacks on my router

    I wonder if any one can help with what looks like attacks on my router? I have a server and on it i have "syslog watcher" that captures all my data that's going back and forth....I have a RTN 66U black night router which is flashed with tomato and all working fine except for some of the...
  15. H

    External Hard Drive - Use for recording & movie play back (& media centre plugin)

    Hi As the title suggests, is this possible? I have recently bought a H5.2tc So I have a database of movies and want to use 500Gb of the hard drive to play movies from here and the other 500Gb for recording. What I have found so far is that after initialising, you're effectively formatting the...
  16. G

    Help Please!!!

    Evening all, currently have skyQ and Sky BB, but completely sick of being ripped off by the robbing Barstewards. I am in the process of switching to Plusnet for Fibre BB but looking for an affordable replacement for Sky. I am looking for some advice on the following: Best box to buy for...
  17. Carcosa

    a couple of questions please...

    Hey all...hope you're going good! Just a quick few queries if you don't mind. Looking to pick up an H.2S asap...want to buy from the forum sponsor if possible, so was wondering what the special offers were for members that is stated? And also, can anyone recommend any particular decent, small...
  18. Andy Mcd

    HDD Low Level Format Tool 2017-03-06

    HDD Low Level Format Tool Is a utility for low-level hard disk drive formatting. Supported interfaces: USB, S-ATA (SATA), IDE (E-IDE), SCSI, SAS, , FIREWIRE. The program also supports low-level formatting of FLASH cards (SD, MMC, MemoryStick and CompactFlash) using a card-reader. This HDD...