C line or N line


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Losing channels as they drop for a second or completely gone.
Make sure everything on your end that can be OK like Internet connection stable. connection to dish is good.

I don't think changing a c to n world make that much difference but I could be wrong

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Or ask us, we are a helpful bunch


Ask your current supplier if he will provide you with a N line in place of your C line. Most provider control panels allow them to do more than the one type of line and he simply clicks a button.


Nline operate on a different softcam and are quicker at changing channels. If your channels are freezing, it could be your internet or it could also in part down to the fact that the provider you use isn't all that good.

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People who post about nlines are better need to know about softcams and what a server is using . Nlines are only 10-30ms quicker and with today's avg speed of 10mbs in homes , this is now not relevant.

A nline on server can be used on all 3 of the main server software sites.
BUT as now two cards for uk . 0963 and 0960. Older software can't pull ecms from both cards as locked to a port of card. So this means clines can be better as it scans all server ports for ecm request


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People posting on here are posting their opinions, whilst I appreciate your knowledge maybe vastly superior to others, if you had done a bit of digging you would see most tekkers would post the same "if the provider is sound both are just as good as one another"
Also most folk who have been bumped on eBay 9 times out of 10 have bought clines and have been poor quality, that's just fact!
The first post is re: a poor C Line