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Can’t see FTA/ terrestrial channels after moving house


Hi. I’ve got a H2S running wooshbuild and Eyepeeteevee via the xtreamtv plugin.
I moved house yesterday and I knew the xtreamtv stuff wouldn’t work because I don’t have internet at the new place but I thought all the regular FTA stuff would still work. However when I connected the box to the 2 cables from the sky dish no FTA channels came on. I’ve done an automatic scan and it detects 82 channels nearly all of which I can’t watch (some of them are sky channels). The only one I seem able to watch is ITV. BBC1, BBC2, CH4 and CH5 aren’t even detected. If I can watch ITV it doesn’t seem right I can’t watch bbc and the other terrestrial channels. Any ideas?


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I moved house last year and had the same issue. As @urie states it could be to do with the wrong LNB on your sky dish. If the previous owner had sky Q the LNB will be a sky Q one and wont work with your box.

I had to purchase a new LNB and swap it over. It was really easy and straight forward to do.


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