1. weimaraner95

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Services available on ET 8500

    I assume until I get my motorised system fixed , what other use can I get out of this box Are the cable tuners only usable via aerial? Iptv via plugin
  2. H

    Can’t see FTA/ terrestrial channels after moving house

    Hi. I’ve got a H2S running wooshbuild and Eyepeeteevee via the xtreamtv plugin. I moved house yesterday and I knew the xtreamtv stuff wouldn’t work because I don’t have internet at the new place but I thought all the regular FTA stuff would still work. However when I connected the box to the 2...
  3. R

    Tuner missing when Zgemma Star S boots

    Hi, All was working fine untill today. Zgemma Star S box. OPenATV 6.4 image When I boot it the tuner is missing. I use for freesat, and was all working fine. I have tried rebooting, I have reinstalled image. I am lost to why it is not loading the tuner. I go to reception and click on tuner...
  4. T

    Best Device For IPTV Where Satellite Dish Can Also Be Used

    Hey guys. After substantial research and speaking to a lot of the pros on here it was advised that at the moment one of the best devices to get IPTV on was the Amazon 4k Firestick. However I completely forgot to mention at the time that I have a satellite dish and also a cable tuner, and...
  5. W

    Issue's With ABM

    Hi Guys, I just ran AutoBouqetsMaker and I receive the error Failed to tune Virgin (UK) on tuner B Please check the following: The tuner is correctly configured. You can receive the specified frequency I have updated the AutoBouqetsMaker config (which says it doesn't need an update), ran a...
  6. Willo3092

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 -Twin sat version is now £109

    Special offer at world of stuff - add 2 extra dvb-c/t tuners to make it quad for less than £150. Amazing price for such a quality receiver :thumbsup: Features genuine dual boot and has a caddy to put a hdd in without opening the receiver.
  7. vicflange

    Cable H7C tuners?! Driving me mad.

    If I connect the terrestrial aerial to the C socket on the back, the box scans and finds channels. I then have to take out the aerial and put it into the B socket to receive those channels. It is also the same for the cable input, I can scan with the cable in the C socket but then have to plug...
  8. H

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Channel 501 pixelated/breaking up

    New to linux pvr's , have used a HUMAX box from day one of freesat. ET8500 Quad satellite tuners fed from HUMAX HMS 58 quad input , eight output sat distribution amp. With both satellite systems on , ET8500 , Channel 501 , THE Vault , picture pixelated / choppy , audio choppy Humax FOXSAT...
  9. B

    USB Tuner

    Don't suppose anybody has a usb tuner dvb-c knocking about anywhere? Need it for h5 T.I.A
  10. A

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER can you use 4x DVB C/T?

    hey guys recently got this box from WOS with 2 DVB C/T tuners as part of the deal. i know this box supports 4 tuners in total can these all be the same as id like to add 2 more DVB C/T tuners once ive got the spare dosh. or can you only have 2 of each, ive tried searching google but i just keep...
  11. A

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 cable loop

    Hey just ordered a Xtrend 8500 to replace a zgemma, the zgemma has dual cable tuner but only 1 input believe its called internal loop through, the xtrend has 2 separate cable tuners, Rather than ordering a splitter id like to use the loop out of tuner A to tuner B, Can i just use one of the RF...
  12. grog68

    Zgemma H7 Tuner B fault - is it just me?

    I took delivery of a box of H7C's this morning and I was so excited. I plugged one in, installed skins and plugins etc and then went and set up the tuners, I did an automatic scan and noticed tuner B found no channels, so I disabled the sat tuner (tuner A) and tuner C and ran a scan again...
  13. F

    Zgemma H5.2TC - Select Satellite tuner

    HI all quick question for you all I have the box listed above and line working fine and dandy.. I am getting some glitching on all channels.. freezing for a couple of seconds and recovers, hopefully its the BB playing up a touch. For the life of me I cant seem to find the option to view...
  14. Toysoft

    DM800HDse : OpenPLi 5.0 Japhar NC3 OE2.x Kernel3.2 (BetaV4)

    DM800HDse : OpenPLi 5.0 Japhar NC3 OE2.x Kernel3.2 (BetaV4) MEGA : https://mega.nz/#!Au4zwZLL!kNi0-EaxTEpn4y0IA4DTOC0LaO8Q_vypbJD-IGMilEc
  15. 8valia

    zgemma h5.2tc dvb-c hybrid tuner

    Hi, I have a Zgemma H5.2TC box. I have a single vermin line running on the box. I have enabled both tuners so that I can record on one and watch on another, but just from one line. For some reason glitches a lot on the international channels when both channels are enabled. Do you think it's...
  16. dt99

    Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box?

    Due to the potential issues with sly, I am considering getting a cable box, as I can get a virmin connection where I live. Can anyone recommend a twin tuner cable box, all I can seem to find is a 1 sat/1 cable box, but I want the ability to watch 1 cable channel and record another.
  17. W

    Vm snr 0 but channels working

    Hi all Moved my zgemma from my house to my dads and then back for the night . Box is working thing but when I reconnected back at mines the snr on the vm tuner was zero the box is working fine but it wont let me scan the vm tuner. All the hd sports are working so i know the tuner is fine any...
  18. J

    Edision OS Mini

    Hi Guys I have an Edision OS Mini box that has twin tuner, 1 for Sky 1 for Virgin, Am I Able to swap the Sky one for another Virgin one to have twin tuner Virgin or is this not possible. Thanks.
  19. S

    Can someone please recommend a VM cable box with a Tuner?

    I've had Zgemma H.2h and the cable tuner is pretty poor on that - so I basically need a box that has a solid tuner. Any recommendations?
  20. geoffsnook

    Cable tunner

    Hi does any one know where i would get a second cable tuner from for my venton unibox eco Thanks