cloud ibox 2 flash procedure


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Did u FULL format with llf tool, then FULL format with windows?
also are u using cloudix folder or xpeedlx folder?
and does that folder contain a file called 'force'?

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Also is the box cloud ibox 2, 2+, or 2+se without scart?

Safe images are from or downloads section here.


yes i used LIF tool, and i am using cloudix as a folder and tried "force" "noforce" basically everything. The image i flashed was "sat-tv-help-cloud2 backup" wish i never bothered.


My box is cloud ibox 2 plus with scart

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Sorted it was USB stick, went faulty unreal things.


there is no channel + - on the front of my box. Ive found it completely impossible to flash it after trying 3 usb sticks, all the folder names ie cloudix, and several others. I have had to admit defeat and will be looking for a box which is easier to set up such as an openbox. If anyone reading this has any ideas for me to try to get this to flash please let me know


Afternoon all, can any tell me how to make a cloudix folder just in case i ever need to flash my box????


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Using the backupsuite in cloud DL section here. Install it and run hddversion not usbversion. Makes a copy on ur usb stick if set up in box.

Ftp the xpeedlx folder it creates to PC and rename it cloudix. Inside, rename the noforce file to force.
That's u done and its ready. Line and all.
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Hi, am new to Cloud ibox, so bear with me while I ask dopey newbie question.
I bought box from ebay and it seems to be a clone
I have error on display of LC-c
I believe I need to update/reflash firmware?
Is there a version of image that will get me out of this?




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What makes u think clone?

Made sure TV on and at correct channel before booting box?

Tried removing all cables an usbs apart from HDMI and booting?

Tried contacting supplier for link to images?

Need to know the clone before you can find the boot loader and image to put on. Careful. Thats where u could brick the box!
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Have a look in Downloads top of page Latest Files There is 1 from Sucmnsee make sure its right for your box


are very new to this techno so please bear with me, have got an icloud2 box which i am very pleased with, however i have lost channels so went to AJs site and downloaded the latest software, unless i am suppose to get it from elsewhere? how do i update the software and my usb stick is 16gb is that ok or does it have to be smaller as i see reading that it says only 4/8gb? and what does tune failed mean as i keep getting that message on certain channels with a big red X?
thanks for the help in advance


recently i bought Cloud ibox 2plus with previously installed image openpli 3.0 (kernel 3.12.1; enigma:2014-01-01). What image could i install and do i have to use any bootloader programs. I read posts trough forum but i couldn't solve my problem. I don't know version of my reciever(v1 or v2). Thanks in advance.


Hi all

Pardon my total lack of experience and lengthy wordage,

I have had an Cloud Ibox II Plus for a year now, from a chap at the pub on a "You pay me £100 a year and I'll keep it running" basis

The quality in service dipped so i opted not to take him up on his offer and instead find my own feet in this complex world.

It was running VU+ Ultimo , CCcam. Thats about as far as my technical knowledge goes.

Ive attempted to reflash it by basically downloading an Image (from my research Blackhole isnt too bad so ive been aiming for that one), plugging my USB in (FAT32) and basically praying for something to happen. Judging by this post its safe to say naff all happened.

Moving rapidly on, Ive download an FTP program and wiped the whole box.

I want to start again from scratch, but i cant be certain if i havent totally cocked up my box beyond repair.

Id like to be absolutely spoon-fed the steps towards hopefully fixing my box. If anyone has got any time on there hands

Id very much appreciate it!


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When did you get your box as there are different versions Have a look in the downloads section as there is good Sucmnsee Vix image that works well with instructions

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