Cloud ibox2 review - guide - tutorial.


Cloud ibox2 review !!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone,

Well it's all set up and I'm glad my son has more patience than me.

I downloaded the 06/01/14 PLI image from Jenseneverest, it came with all the plugins that you should ever need credit given where its due, a great build that's been solid so far.
I copied the XP1000 folder straight onto a SanDisk 8gb pen (formatted to FAT32) and plugged it into the box to flash it. Turned the box on at the wall, 2 red lights showed on the front after 20 secs or so. I pressed the CH+ button on the box once and a purple light showed for around 3-4 minutes. This light indicates that it's in the process of flashing the box with new firmware/software. Once done, it automatically rebooted and loaded the new image which has been working great ever since.
It uses CoolTVGuide with a S*Y style skin over the top of everything, very easy to navigate and runs smoothly without glitching or delay. To get the full 7-day EPG updated I had to go into Menu>Plugins>CrossEPG Downloader. This automatically detects all your channels and sources the EPG info from the web, installing everything in under 2 minutes. Obviously you don't need to bother doing this until your CCcam line is in and you've got all your channels.

I had to use Dreambox Control Centre to FTP the C-line over. Download DCC from their website and run it. When it starts it automatically runs in Deutsch but on the right hand side there is a drop-box with languages that you can flip over to English. Click 'Search', and another window should open. Start the search and it should find your box on the network. Mine was IP Address XXX.XXX.X.X but yours may differ. If it can't find it, you can type the IP address manually to connect. You can find out what this is by looking in the Network settings on the box.
Once it says connected and you have the green light, you can go ahead and click 'FTP' in the left hand bottom corner. This should show you the files/folders already on the box. Go to var>etc and scroll down to CCcam.cfg. you can right-click on this and click Edit. Then just back out the default text and paste in your C or N-Line and click save. That's it, your C-Line should be up and running! Your box may require a reboot for it to enable, I honestly can't remember if mine did or didn't.

I have read on some forums that you cannot plug a USB device in hot (whilst the box is turned on) because people have bricked boxes, but I thought this sounded like rubbish as i've never encountered a USB device that wasn't hot pluggable so I took the risk and plugged in a USB with some movies on. It came up with an error message about the drive not having any readable files, but ignore this. Open up your Menu>Plugins and scroll down to pick a media player. There you will be able to browse your USB device and play whatever you wish.

I know it costs a little more than the Skybox F5 (we own 2) but for around £80 its one hell of a box for the money. Definitely a budget alternative to any VU+ or Dreambox when you consider the price and the amount of features it has.
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Nice review Columbus, I slightly edited two things, one a link to another forum, plus I removed your IP address, as I don't think that is the wisest thing for you to spread around the net.


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Ok no problem, not 100% sure why you removed the IP address though as its a local internal IP so cannot be accessed or tracked from anywhere other than devices connected directly on my network, that's why I posted it as an example because other peoples box IP addresses will likely be very similar or even the same :)


Hi nelski just Google it for now I will upload all images for cloud ibox 2 within 7 days

Any chance you can give me a dummies guide set up, my box has come and I want to set up when I get back from work. Cheers.

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UK ready Cloud ibox2 Openpli Backup 6/01/14
i used this file from buying the box new,, format usb pen to fat32 put the xp1000 file on nothing else put in usb into box power up press ch+ on front of box hold for a few seconds light should change to purple leave it for a few mins to let it change the fimware that should get your new fimware DO NOT GO INTO OPTIONS AND DO A UPDATE ON FIRMWARE YOU WILL CRASH IT. i used dreambox control editor to input c-line if you do it this way it should be , var--etc cfg...input line here and save hope this makes sense....


Cheers I've just received box but upon opening I noticed the lnb in socket is loose, is this normal?

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Will do, I don't need to flash it to see if its working do I?

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Need to know how to use dreambox cc sorry but i'm totally new to this :beg:
View cloud ibox 2 forum u will find some good information in there also you do not need to flash it to see if it works

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Mine came pre installed with latest vix image
Might have to update your box did you try the one at top of this thread? Try installing vix image

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How to install gift
run network test on our cloud ibox2 after connecting to your router.

on your computer goto Control panel > network and internet > view network computers and devices

double click on XP1000 > Root ...then scroll down to a folder called var. Double click on var then on etc folder.
scroll down to find CCcam file. delete the text and
copy and paste your c line here and save.
once saved it should work within a few seconds (no need to reboot)

this was using openpli image from jenseneverest (06/01/14)
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Can you please advise me if cloud ibox 3 can be used to record one channel while watching the other (same as Sky+ HD)?

Someone told me that cloud ibox 3 is twin tuner ; one tuner is for DVB-S2 other tuner for DVB-C/T. What are dvb s2 and c/t?

Many thanks.


They now do 2 types DVB-S2/S2 which is a twin sat tuner or DVB-S2/C/T which is a twin tuner one sat and one freeview tuner