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Data Privacy Day 2020 : (Our Online Presence is Vulnerable)


Hello Guys!
I am Very much Happy to see the US and Canada and Different states around the world joining this event (Data Privacy Day) to spread awareness. We see such events very often is actually celebrated around the countries but it is changing year by year now. The self-awareness rising among the netizens is a great example of adapting and spreading it in their own circles. I saw many data privacy day champions on and I was amazed to see how fast the champions are increasing every year. Before there were used to be online a few big names but now every small and giant business is trying to be a part of it and it is fine. This is how it should be. Linkedin is now arranging an event, PureVPN extensively spreading the word of Data Privacy Day to create awareness and to tell people its importance for our Online Presence, Also Cyber Crime Awareness Foundation making the champion's list. This is great. So let's join hands with these organizations in spreading the word and educating people around us that why it is so much an important aspect of our lives nowadays.
Because Our Privacy matters a lot