1. thebesh

    Mini PC for Router (pfsense)

    I've been using a Netgate 1100 as my firewall/router for the past 4/5 years and I loved it. I recently upgraded my internet connection from 600Mb to 1Gb. I noticed that my Netgate was the bottleneck and my connection was topping out around 600Mb, which is what Netgate say the device is capable...
  2. P

    Buffering on Firestick.

    I am getting buffering on both my 4k firesticks as part of multiroom setup. My service provider blames the ISP and I have done all the normal things like reboot the router/ firestick etc. I use other devices (laptops , phones) which don't seem to have a problem with the network and would like...
  3. channelking

    Sky TV Drops Satellite Dish With New Sky Glass

    Sky drops satellite dishes and lets people get TV over the internet
  4. coozer

    OTHER ET10000 Network Problem

    I have an extrend et10000 box with openvix on it... Been having massive problems with my broadband which they traced to a short in the street.. However I now have a problem caused by the box... I have to keep flashing with the newest build but it only lasts about 3 weeks before my internet...
  5. dsayers2014

    Vodafone Gigafast

    Is anyone using the new gigafast internet by Vodafone? They are installing it in my area and I'm thinking of getting it when it goes live. My virgin internet only is out of contract so I thought I would see what Vodafone can offer me. If anyone is using it yet what are the speeds like and...
  6. BoardmanX

    Other O/S OS being dumbed down for the Tablet/Phone OS Gen

    Anyone noticed how most OS seem to be getting dumbed down over the years. We get or lose I should say so many options and lose basic info and features. I blame the Tablet/Phone OS Generation. You even see it on most PC games these days with fewer menus and options and basic slide and picture...
  7. J

    Data Privacy Day 2020 : (Our Online Presence is Vulnerable)

    Hello Guys! I am Very much Happy to see the US and Canada and Different states around the world joining this event (Data Privacy Day) to spread awareness. We see such events very often is actually celebrated around the countries but it is changing year by year now. The self-awareness rising...
  8. J

    Remote VPN Control Device, Router ?? app enabIed. Is there anything.

    Hi all, was hoping if any of you could help me. My father currently uses IPTV to view his channels, though, being from the UK there is 3 pm isp weekend block on his subscription. Of course, the only way to bypass this is to use a VPN service. though, because my father is not tech savvy and...
  9. Matt9096

    Which broadband service to go with?

    Hey guys, wondering if anyone can give me some advice. Me and the missus are moving into our first house next week and I still haven't chosen a BB provider yet. I've been shopping around but not sure which service to go with. I need a service that will work well with my IPTV as I have no...
  10. bazcfc1

    Video shop

    Evening all has anyone got a copy of photo shop as my son is after a copy for his college work to do with it and just wondering if anyone had a copy or know where I could get my hands on a copy for him any help and advice greatly appriciated and thank you in advance for replys (if any lol)
  11. A

    Enigma box freezes if internet drops

    using H7s box with wooshbuild & extreme editor. Problem seems to be if the internet connection drops at all, the box ‘freezes’ and I can’t get any channel- just a blank screen. Restarting the box doesn’t always work even though internet connection is back. Can take 15 mins or more to regain a...
  12. S


    When I connected my PC direct to router I get 150mbps but when I connect my Nvidia shield I’m only getting 20-30mbps is there anything I can do. I don’t know why I can’t get 150mbps on my Nvidia shield when it has a 1000mbps capacity
  13. cactikid

    Wifi issue

    At work our borrowed internet has had issues not connecting,rebooted everything,work was been carried out but since then no internet.I believe one can use mobile phone to tether to laptop when close by but never tried or done it so looking for advise for connection for phone to laptop cheers.
  14. B

    Skybox F5 Ethernet (Scrambled) issue

    Hello guys. I just got an old Skybox F5 and i think there's an ethernet problem with it. I connected the ethernet cable (that is working on other device), then i select DHCP on, activate ethernet, then restart it. When i restart it and try to open a channel it says 'Scrambled'. If i try to open...
  15. P

    Internet drops when using splitter

    Hi All My Vermin has started dropping when I split the line. I have never had an issue in over 3 years.. I thought it was the splitter so I bought a new one the issue was fine for an hour and now it's stopped again.. Vermin has sent me a new router still the same.. any ideas?? I got an...
  16. C

    ET 8000 HD Loading ring.

    Hi all got an Xtrend et8500 running wilos latest image, seem to be getting the loading ring in the corner coming up a fair bit, anyone know why this would be??? It's a bit annoying.
  17. ramooz

    H2h box is not connected to internet.....!!!

    morning all, picture froze an hr ago, reboot numerous time but stuck @ 49% every time ?? now reflash using wooshbuild basebuild and tells me its NOT connected to internet (definitely virgin feed coming through, checked all connections, even swapped cables but no joy} I'm truly baffled !!! any...
  18. W

    How do I get fibre broadband in my area?

    Hi guys, just wondering how do I go about getting fibre broadband in my area. I’ve heard that I need to get around 10 neighbours to say they require fibre and then they will install it. Anyone gone down this route or have any info. Would be grateful Wes
  19. K

    ET8500 QUAD TUNER Xtrend ET8500 Browser

    Hi Basically, i want to be able to go on the internet using the box so I can log onto iFollow and watch my team through the box any ideas?
  20. A

    Home Plugs old Technology

    Hi all, I just wanted to share this I have used home-plugs over the last few years to connect consoles and the like to the internet. They would not work in some of the upstairs rooms so I had no internet because they were on a seperate ring main. I was reading an article a couple of weeks ago...