DsayersBuild Dsayers OpenATV 6.2 backup


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Image has been updated for latest OpenATV 6.2 changes.

Please note due to softcam issues restore is not recommended

Softcams installed you can find the menu in red button softcam setup. config locations are as follow

mgcamd/newcamd.list is unchanged and goes into the /usr/keys folder
CCcam.cfg now goes into the /etc folder
oscam.server files go into /etc/tuxbox/config/oscam-emu folder

Current installed softcams are mgcamd, CCcam, oscam emu and oscam stable

Red button, softcam setup on select softcam press right to choose your cam then choose Restart softcam

E2istream aka E2Iplayer

E2istreams installed as a replacement for e2iplayer

ZeggyHelp Tools

ZeggyHelp Tools is an upgrade to Zeggy/Help scripts,

Within here you can access AutoBouquetsMaker, EPGImport and GrossEPG and E2tools scripts

Within E2tools scripts you can Delete all bouquets, delete epg, update picons, update plugins and download and flash image.

Upgrading image

Current users Press menu choose ZeggyHelpScripts and choose Dragon_Zgemma_H2H_Image.

This should now download latest image to media/hdd/images.

Press yellow button for flash image depending on current image you should see openatv-6.2-zgemmah2h-dragon-latest.zip or downloaded press ok and you should see openatv-6.2-zgemmah2h-dragon-latest..zip

highlight it and press green to flash, Image should now go through the flashing process then you should be able to follow the rest of the guide to setup.

USB Flash download image from here Dsayers Zgemma H2H OpenATV 6 Series

Ill update main thread when I get chance


just flashed to the latest Dsayers build, the softcam (mgcam) doesn't start upon bootup, constantly have to go and restart the mgcam, Any suggestions??


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Openatv don't have an auto start option. Try doing a software update as I think a few things have changed since making the backup.


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