get access to iphone


Hi Not been around for a very long time, but need some help and advice.

My friend recently lost her husband suddenly. He has an iPhone and iPad ( which apparently are linked.)

The problem is she has no idea what his password is on the iPhone or his apple ID, but needs to get hold of all the photos on his phone.

She came to the UK ( she lives in France) and went to an Apple shop with the Death Certificate, but they couldn't help her.

There MUST be some way to retrieve photos.

She's certainly NOT a technical person and being in France does not help as i can't just pop round to take a look.

Any help or advice would be grateful
Many thakns
Linny x


TK Veteran
I don't think that it will be possible unfortunately, accessing an iPhone is near impossible.

You could try Recover Your Apple ID - Apple

You'll need the apple id for that. I'd check through old messages etc, to see if any iMSGs were sent from the apple id rather than the phone number. Or try entering his email address in there, as that would most likely be his apple id.

If you can still turn the iPhone on and have a few rough ideas as to what the Apple ID might be. Using imsg from another phone, text that Apple ID. If the person had the option to receive messages at their Apple ID switched on, you should receive the notification.

You can then go to the iforgot website and if you know the security details, reset the password.

If the iPhone and iPad were regularly backed up, I think you can restore them to bypass the passcode.

however if the backups are pin protected or two factor authentication is turned on, I’m not sure this will work.