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I was going to take some quality time out to reflect on my situation then you get a post like this that needs addressing :rage:

Another fool that can’t read :rage:

It’s your ignorance that I have to post this again :cry::cry::cry:

There is no cure for multiple myeloma which I have :cry::cry::cry:

I have had that much treatment for this I have lost most of the feeling in my hands and feet now which makes life very difficult, also there is always the prospect that the specialists tell me it has come back again, that has happened to me twice and then it rips your heart out again :cry::cry::cry:

I like to keep positive that has been a great help to me I think, but have I just been lucky:smiley::cry:

I enjoy the time I have as I never know when the light will be switched off :cry::cry::cry:

Don’t posts shit mate before you read the facts I expected better of you :rage::rage:

Can we get the one finger gesture back @HiTech ? :smiley:

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Cheers Guys that is very very nice of you All :love: :love::love:

Thanks Guys for making me feel like I’m not fighting this battle alone (y):smiley::love::love::smiley:(y)

I can fight this horrible disease again and I hope that next time it will not return :cry::smiley::cry:

Sorry if I have not replied to my pm’s I think I have 60 odd but I have not much time on this forum these days :cry::cry::cry:

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2020 to you All and your family’s (y):smiley:(y)

You Take Care Guys:love::smiley:


i dont get on this forumn much anymore.probably how i missed your situation.i am so very sorry to hear of your battle with this.this is one thing that touches pretty much all of us in one way or another.i know its close to home for me.dont lose your perspective or your prayers are with you.. Al


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Cheers Mate I think my mate Willo posted that before you guys really are so thoughtful people like you make all the difference in life (y) :love:(y)

I wish you and your family's All The Best For The New Year 2020 :smiley:

Take Care Guys :love::love::love:


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I have had a fantastic time on this forum with all the great members that it has today (y) :smiley:(y)

But I need to go back in hospital tomorrow as I should have been in there over Christmas but I did not want to not see my family and friends at this time of year :cry:

I hope to see you all soon :smiley::cry::smiley:



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OK I’m back again the fool that will not die LOL :smiley::love::smiley:

It’s just great to see that Cold Feet is back on the TV tonight after so long for the people that really liked it for what it is real life of today (y):love::love:

I think one of me mates really likes this and so do I (y):love:(y)

I don’t watch much TV but I always like to view things that relate to real life also I can keep up with the new tunes out today :smiley::love::love:

Willo you’re a legend Mate (y)(y)(y):love:

I would not be here today without people like you (y):love:(y):love:(y):love:

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