WooshBuild H9S Expand Memory

Sir Osis

Is there a guide on how to expand the memory with a micro sd on a zgemma H9S running Wooshbuild?


You might want to look at the Flashexpander plugin which you'll find in the Extensions section
-- Green Button - Green Button - Extensions -- look for and install the Flashexpander plugin, then use the plugin to setup the new file system using an SD card or other USB disc attached to the box.
Once set-up, in order to check how your file system looks after the changes
-- Menu - Information - Devices --
Your /usr space should show a value commensurate with the size of the Card or USB stick being used


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The flash expander in plug ins I think is for usb use, there is a guide somewhere on here you need to ftp the file over for woosh, I did mine on openvix where no ftp is required!!


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Found the script file but it's taking forever to copy everything over to the sd.
It's a zipped ipk you send over via firezilla or something similar !! have you found the expand flash zip? I done it on mine with openvix you don't have to ftp anything just put the card in and reboot and go to vix in menu!! Make sure its 8gb only for this.